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In Parables the Lord doth shew

Meter: Appears in 3 hymnals Lyrics: 1 In Parables the Lord doth shew, What ... , We find here in this Parable. 2 The Church, a Vineyard ... Topics: Septuagesima Sunday Scripture: Matthew 20:1-16

Parable of the sower

Author: E. E. Hewitt Appears in 2 hymnals First Line: A sower went forth with precious seed Refrain First Line: Sowing, sowing, Scatter the seed both here and there

Parable of the sower

Author: B. Beaty Appears in 1 hymnal First Line: Jesus taught some men one day

The Kingdom of God

Author: Bryn A. Rees, 1911-1983 Meter: Appears in 17 hymnals First Line: The Kingdom of God is justice and joy Topics: Parables Used With Tune: LAUDATE DOMINUM

When Jesus walked upon this earth

Author: Michael Perry (born 1942) Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Topics: Epiphany 6, Revelation Parables Used With Tune: THURLEIGH

Thanks to God whose word was spoken

Author: R. T. Brooks (born 1918) Meter: Appears in 34 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Thanks to God whose word was spoken in the deed that made the earth; his the voice that called a nation, his the fires that tried its worth. Refrain: God has spoken: praise him for his open word! 2 Thanks to God whose Word incarnate heights and depths of ... Topics: Epiphany 6, Revelation Parables Used With Tune: ST. HELEN

Hear my parable ye children

Author: Caroline L. Goodenough Appears in 1 hymnal

God has spoken - by his prophets

Author: G. W. Briggs (1875-1959) Meter: D Appears in 41 hymnals Lyrics: 1 God has spoken — by the prophets, spoken his unchanging word; each from age to age proclaiming God the one, the righteous Lord; in the world's despair and turmoil one firm anchor still holds fast: God is king, his throne eternal, God the first and God ... Topics: Epiphany 6, Revelation Parables Scripture: Hebrews 1:1-2 Used With Tune: EBENEZER

The parable of the Sower

Author: John Needham, d. c. 1786 Appears in 38 hymnals First Line: Now Lord, thy heavenly [gospel] seed is sown

Bring Many Names

Author: Brian Wren Meter: Appears in 15 hymnals First Line: Bring many names, beautiful and good Lyrics: ... , beautiful and good, celebrate, in parable and story, holiness in glory ... Used With Tune: WESTCHASE


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