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Bringing in the Sheaves

Hymnal: BS1879 #1 (1879) First Line: Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindness Scripture: Matthew 13:39 Tune Title: [owing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindness]

I am Glad there is Cleansing

Author: Rev. L. Hartsough Hymnal: BS1879 #2 (1879) First Line: How bright the Hope that Calv'ry brings Lyrics: 1 How bright the Hope that Calv’ry brings, Where Love divine with Mercy blends; How full the joy that all may find, Where flows the Blood can save and cleanse. Refrain: I am glad there is cleansing in the Blood, I am glad there is cleansing in the Blood, Tell the world, all the world, There is cleansing in the Saviour’s Blood. 2 ‘Tis there! ‘tis there the soul may go, And wash its sins and stains away; Who gives up all,—who comes by Faith, This cleansing finds without delay. [Refrain] 3 Speak, speak to Zion’s burdened ones, Lead, lead them up to Calv’ry’s Mount; The want of aching hearts is met, ‘Tis cleaning in Redemption’s Fount. [Refrain] 4 Why need we struggle on in self, We cannot make one black spot white; ‘Tis Christ’s own Blood, and that alone Can change and cleanse the heart aright. [Refrain] 5 I come! I come! and glad I am That Jesus calls the lost and vile; There thousands have a cleansing found, I’ll heed the Saviour’s welcome smile. [Refrain] Tune Title: [How bright the Hope that Calv'ry brings]

I am Trusting, Lord, in Thee

Author: Rev. Wm. McDonald Hymnal: BS1879 #3 (1879) First Line: I am coming to the cross Refrain First Line: I am trusting Lord in thee Tune Title: [I am coming to the cross]

Plentious Grace in Jesus

Hymnal: BS1879 #4 (1879) First Line: Jesus, lover of my soul

The Cleansing Wave

Author: Mrs. Phoebe Palmer Hymnal: BS1879 #5 (1879) First Line: Oh, now I see the crimson wave Refrain First Line: The cleansing stream, I see, I see! Tune Title: [Oh, now I see the crimson wave]

The Blood of Sprinkling

Hymnal: BS1879 #6 (1879) First Line: My God, my God, to Thee I cry

For the Waters of Salvation

Hymnal: BS1879 #7 (1879) First Line: Fountain of life, to all below

Determined Importunity

Hymnal: BS1879 #8 (1879) First Line: Because for me the Saviour prays Lyrics: 1 Because for me the Saviour prays, And pleads His death for me, God hath vouchsafed a longer space, And spared the barren tree. 2 I now from all my sins would turn To my atoning God; And look on Him I pierced, and mourn, And feel the sprinkled blood:- 3 Would nail my passions to the cross, Where my Redeemer died; And all things else account but loss For Jesus crucified. 4 Giver of penitential pain, Before Thy cross I lie; In grief determined to remain Till Thou Thy blood apply. 5 Forgiveness on my conscience seal; Bestow Thy promised rest: With purest love Thy servant fill, And number with the blest.

Blessedness of Adoption

Hymnal: BS1879 #9 (1879) First Line: And can my heart aspire so high Lyrics: 1 And can my heart aspire so high To say—My Father, God? Lord, at Thy feet, I fain would lie, And learn to kiss the rod. 2 I would submit to all Thy will, For thou art good and wise; Let each rebellious thought be still, Nor one faint murmur rise. 3 Thy love can cheer the darkest gloom, And bid me wait serene, Till hopes and joys immortal bloom, And brighten all the scene. 4 My Father, God, permit my heart To plead her humble claim, And ask the bliss those words impart, In my Redeemer's name.

I Would Be Thine

Hymnal: BS1879 #10 (1879) First Line: I would be thine; O take my heart Lyrics: 1 I would be Thine; O take my heart, And fill it with Thy love; Thy sacred image, Lord, impart, And seal it from above. 2 I would be Thine; but while I strive To give myself away, I feel rebellion still alive, And wander while I pray. 3 I would be Thine: but, Lord, I feel Evil still lurks within:— Do Thou Thy majesty reveal, And overcome my sin. 4 I would be Thine; I would embrace The Saviour, and adore; Inspire with faith, infuse thy grace, And now my soul restore.


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