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Hymnal, Number:bs1879
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[I've reach'd the land of corn and wine]

Composer: Jno. R. Sweney Appears in 102 hymnals Incipit: 53332 11154 44322 Used With Text: Beulah Land

[Take my life, and let it be]

Composer: W. J. Kirkpatrick Appears in 31 hymnals Incipit: 33365 13222 6523 Used With Text: Entire Consecration

[There is a fountain fill'd with blood]

Composer: Rev. L. H. Appears in 254 hymnals Incipit: 13565 11651 3556 Used With Text: Cleansing Fountain

[O think of a home over there]

Composer: T. C. O'Kane Appears in 75 hymnals Incipit: 51111 32171 22224 Used With Text: A Home Over There

[Are you weary, are you heavy-hearted?]

Composer: E. S. Lorenz Appears in 64 hymnals Incipit: 13321 21651 22325 Used With Text: Tell it to Jesus Alone

[owing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindness]

Composer: George A. Minor Appears in 156 hymnals Incipit: 55565 31112 16555 Used With Text: Bringing in the Sheaves

[My Father is rich in houses and lands]

Composer: Rev. John B. Sumner Appears in 87 hymnals Incipit: 35553 33331 12222 Used With Text: The Child of a King

[Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine]

Composer: Mrs. Jos. F. Knapp Appears in 306 hymnals Incipit: 32155 45655 35177 Used With Text: Blessed Assurance

[I hear Thy welcome voice]

Composer: Rev. L. Hartsough Appears in 205 hymnals Incipit: 13532 11124 65351 Used With Text: I hear thy Welcome Voice

[Have you been to Jesus for the cleansing pow'r?]

Composer: Rev. Elisha A. Hoffman Appears in 88 hymnals Incipit: 35111 53511 11233 Used With Text: Are You Wash'd in the Blood?


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