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Hymnal, Number:bov1888
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Helped by a kind hand

Author: E. A. H.Hymnal: BoV1888 #59 (1888)First Line: A drunken man sat on the curb-stoneTune Title: [A drunken man sat on the curb-stone]

A Little Band of Hope Boy

Author: R. H. SadlerHymnal: BoV1888 #52 (1888)Tune Title: [A little band of hope boy]

The ranks are filling in

Author: E. A. H.Hymnal: BoV1888 #5 (1888)First Line: A song of glorious victoryRefrain First Line: One by oneTune Title: [A song of glorious victory]

All hail the power of Jesus' name

Hymnal: BoV1888 #48 (1888)Meter: Title: CORONATION

Keep Within the Line!

Author: James L. BlackHymnal: BoV1888 #8 (1888)First Line: Along the line of soldiersRefrain First Line: Keep within the lineTune Title: [Along the line of soldiers]

Gathered sheaves

Author: E. D. MundHymnal: BoV1888 #101 (1888)First Line: At the feet of the blessed MasterTune Title: [At the feet of the blessed Master]

Children, Hate the Ruby Wine

Hymnal: BoV1888 #99 (1888)First Line: Children, do you see the wineTune Title: [Children, do you see the wine]

Winning the Day

Author: Charlotte MurrayHymnal: BoV1888 #26 (1888)First Line: Christian, the bugle of warfare resoundsRefrain First Line: On, bravely on in the frayTune Title: [Christian, the bugle of warfare resounds]

When we are twenty one

Author: Priscilla J. OwensHymnal: BoV1888 #47 (1888)First Line: Come join our gallant ranks, my boysRefrain First Line: Then we are twenty oneTune Title: [Come join our gallant ranks, my boys]

Sign the Pledge

Author: R. A. G.Hymnal: BoV1888 #54 (1888)First Line: Come sign the pledge my brotherTune Title: [Come sign the pledge my brother]