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Hymnal, Number:cwlh1993

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Jesus, Lover of My Soul

Author: Charles Wesley, 1707-88 Hymnal: CWLH1993 #357 (1993) Meter: D Tune Title: ABERYSTWYTH First Line: Jesus. Lover of my soul Lyrics: 1 Jesus, Lover of my soul, Let me to thy bosom fly While the nearer waters roll, While the tempest still is high. Hide me, O my Savior, hide, Till the storm of life is past; Safe into the haven guide. Oh, receive my soul at last! 2 Other refuge have I none; Hangs my helpless soul on thee. Leave, ah, leave me not alone; Still support and comfort me. All my trust on thee is stayed; All my help from thee I bring. Cover my defenseless head With the shadow of thy wing. 3 Thou, O Christ, art all I want; More than all in thee I find. Raise the fallen, cheer the faint, Heal the sick, and lead the blind. Just and holy is thy name; I am all unrighteousness. False and full of sin I am; Thou art full of truth and grace. 4 Plenteous grace with thee is found, Grace to cover all my sin. Let the healing streams abound; Make and keep me pure within. Thou of life the fountain art; Freely let me take of thee. Spring thou up within my heart; Rise to all eternity. Topics: Redeemer; Redeemer Languages: English

This Is the Threefold Truth

Author: Fred Pratt Green, b. 1903 Hymnal: CWLH1993 #406 (1993) Meter: 12.12.12 Tune Title: ACCLAMATIONS First Line: This is the threefold truth on which our faith depends Lyrics: 1 This is the threefold truth on which our faith depends; And with this joyful cry worship begins and ends: Christ has died! Christ is risen! Christ will come again! 2 Made sacred by long use, new-minted for our time, Our liturgies sum up the hope we have in him: Christ has died! Christ is risen! Christ will come again! 3 On this we fix our minds as, kneeling side by side, We take the bread and wine, take him, the Crucified: Christ has died! Christ is risen! Christ will come again! 4 By this we are upheld when doubt or grief assails Our Christian faith and love, and only grace avails: Christ has died! Christ is risen! Christ will come again! 5 This is the threefold truth which, if we hold it fast, Changes the world and us and brings us home at last: Christ has died! Christ is risen! Christ will come again! Topics: Faith; Faith Languages: English
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Lord Jesus Christ, with Us Abide

Author: Nikolaus Selnecker, 1532-92 Hymnal: CWLH1993 #541 (1993) Meter: Tune Title: ACH BLEIB BEI UNS Lyrics: 1 Lord Jesus Christ, with us abide, For round us falls the eventide, Nor let your Word, that heav'nly light, For us be ever veiled in night. 2 O God, how sin's dread works abound! Throughout the earth no rest is found, And falsehood's spirit wide has spread, And error boldly rears its head. 3 In these last days of sore distress Grant us, dear Lord, true steadfastness That pure we keep, till life is spent, Your holy Word and sacrament. 4 Lord Jesus, help, your Church uphold, For we are sluggish, thoughtless, cold. Oh, prosper well your Word of grace, And spread its truth in ev'ry place. 5 Oh, keep us in your Word, we pray; The guile and rage of Satan stay! Oh, may your mercy never cease! Give concord, patience, courage, peace. 6 The cause is yours, the glory, too, So hear us, Lord, and keep us true. Your Word alone is our defense, The Church's glorious confidence. 7 Oh, grant that in your holy Word We here may live and die, dear Lord, And when our journey's ending here, Receive us into glory there. Topics: Church; Church Languages: English
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Draw Us to Thee

Author: Friedrich Funcke, 1642-99; August Crull, 1845-1923 Hymnal: CWLH1993 #170 (1993) Meter: Tune Title: ACH GOTT UND HERR Lyrics: 1 Draw us to thee, For then shall we Walk in thy steps forever And hasten on Where thou art gone To be with thee, dear Savior. 2 Draw us to thee, Lord, lovingly; Let us depart with gladness That we may be Forever free From sorrow, grief, and sadness. 3 Draw us to thee; Oh, grant that we May walk the road to heaven! Direct our way Lest we should stray And from thy paths be driven. 4 Draw us to thee That also we Thy heav'nly bliss inherit And ever dwell Where sin and hell No more can vex our spirit. 5 Draw us to thee Unceasingly; Into thy kingdom take us. Let us fore'er Thy glory share; Thy saints and joint heirs make us. Topics: Ascension; Ascension Languages: English

O Lord, Look Down from Heaven

Author: Martin Luther, 1483-1546 Hymnal: CWLH1993 #205 (1993) Meter: Tune Title: ACH GOTT, VOM HIMMEL SIEH DAREIN First Line: O Lord, look down from heav'n, behold Topics: Reformation; Reformation Languages: English
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The Bridegroom Soon Will Call Us

Author: Johann Walter, 1496-1570 Hymnal: CWLH1993 #10 (1993) Meter: Tune Title: ACH GOTT VOM HIMMELREICHE Lyrics: 1 The Bridegroom soon will call us; Shake off your drowsy sleep! Lest carelessness befall us, A watchful vigil keep! May all our lamps be burning With oil enough and more That we, with him returning, May find an open door! 2 There shall we see in glory Our dear Redeemer's face; The long-awaited story Of heav'nly joy takes place: The patriarchs shall meet us, The prophets' holy band; Apostles, martyrs greet us In that celestial land. 3 There God shall from all evil Forever make us free, From sin and from the devil, From all adversity, From sickness, pain, and sadness, From troubles, cares, and fears, And grant us heav'nly gladness And wipe away our tears. 4 In that fair home shall never Be silent music's voice; With hearts and lips forever We shall in God rejoice, While angel hosts are raising With saints from great to least A mighty hymn for praising The giver of the feast. Topics: Advent; Advent Languages: English

O Living Bread from Heaven

Author: Johann Rist, 1607-67; Catherine Winkworth, 1827-78 Hymnal: CWLH1993 #314 (1993) Meter: Tune Title: ACH GOTT VOM HIMMELREICHE First Line: O lving Bread from heaven Lyrics: 1 O living Bread from heaven, How well you feed your guest! The gifts that you have given Have filled my heart with rest. Oh, wondrous food of blessing, Oh, cup that heals our woes! My heart, this gift possessing, With praises overflows. 2 My Lord, you here have led me Within your holiest place And here have kindly fed me With treasures of your grace, For you have freely given What earth could never buy, The bread of life from heaven, That now I shall not die. 3 You gave me all I wanted-- This food can death destroy-- And you have freely granted The cup of endless joy. My Lord, I do not merit The favor you have shown, And all my soul and spirit Bow down before your throne. 4 Lord, grant me then, thus strengthened With heav'nly food, while here My course on earth is lengthened, To serve with holy fear. And when you call my spirit To leave this world below, I enter, through your merit, Where joys unmingled flow. Topics: Holy Communion; Holy Communion Languages: English

Jesus Christ, My Pride and Glory

Author: Johann G. Olearius, 1635-1711; Paul E. Kretzmann, 1883-1965 Hymnal: CWLH1993 #464 (1993) Meter: Tune Title: ACH, WAS SOLL ICH SÜNDER MACHEN Topics: Commitment; Commitment Languages: English

In Adam We Have All Been One

Author: M. H. Franzmann, 1907-76 Hymnal: CWLH1993 #396 (1993) Meter: Tune Title: ADAM Topics: Justification; Justification Languages: English

Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful

Author: John F. Wade, c. 1711-86; Frederick Oakeley, 1802-80 Hymnal: CWLH1993 #55 (1993) Meter: Irregular Tune Title: ADESTE FIDELES Refrain First Line: O come, let us adore him Lyrics: 1 Oh, come, all ye faithful, Joyful and triumphant, Oh, come ye, oh, come ye to Bethlehem; Come and behold him, Born the King of angels. Refrain: Oh, come, let us adore him, Oh, come, let us adore him, Oh, come, let us adore him, Christ the Lord. 2 God from true God, and Light from Light eternal, Born of a virgin, to earth he comes, Only begotten Son of God the Father. [Refrain] 3 Sing, choirs of angels, Sing in exultation; Sing, all ye citizens of heav'n above. Glory to God, All glory in the highest. [Refrain] 4 Yea, Lord, we greet thee, Born this happy morning; Jesus, to thee be all glory giv'n, Word of the Father, Now in flesh appearing. [Refrain] Topics: Christmas; Christmas Languages: English


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