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Hymnal, Number:de1946
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Since my Savior controls

Author: J. S. AdamsHymnal: DE1946 #d51 (1946)Person Name: J. S. AdamsFirst Line: In my heart I carry a songRefrain First Line: Since I let the Savior come in

Kneel and pray

Author: George AndrewsHymnal: DE1946 #d22 (1946)Person Name: George AndrewsFirst Line: Down the sinful road I traveledRefrain First Line: Come my child, follow me

Father, forgive us, for all past sin

Author: Robert S. ArnoldHymnal: DE1946 #d25 (1946)Person Name: Robert S. Arnold

Not my home, not my home

Author: Robert S. ArnoldHymnal: DE1946 #d106 (1946)Person Name: Robert S. ArnoldFirst Line: This old world is not my home

I've come a long way to see my Jesus

Author: Forrest C. AusbunHymnal: DE1946 #d116 (1946)Person Name: Forrest C. AusbunFirst Line: When I was young I read God's promise

Going home to be with Jesus

Author: G. L. BakerHymnal: DE1946 #d33 (1946)Person Name: G. L. BakerFirst Line: i am just a wayworn pilgrim

Our home on high

Author: Thomas BentonHymnal: DE1946 #d104 (1946)Person Name: Thomas BentonFirst Line: There's joy in serving Christ my LordRefrain First Line: Come along with me to that happy home

Sailing o'er life's ocean

Author: S. Althea BerrieHymnal: DE1946 #d80 (1946)Person Name: S. Althea BerrieFirst Line: Sailing upon life's oceanRefrain First Line: Sailing along I am sailing along

I'll be no stranger there

Author: Earl BranscumHymnal: DE1946 #d75 (1946)Person Name: Earl BranscumFirst Line: O when I reach my home so fair

On that happy morning

Author: L. O. BrockHymnal: DE1946 #d9 (1946)Person Name: L. O. BrockFirst Line: As I travel onward down the rugged road of lifeRefrain First Line: Yes, I will join the happy band of singers