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This Is the Night

Publication Date: 2013Author: Peter Abélard; Richard Lyman SturchHymnal: Glory to God #206Meter: Name: Peter AbélardFirst Line: This is the night, dear friends, the night for weepingLyrics: 1 This is the night, dear friends, the night for weeping, when powers of darkness overcome the day, the night the faithful mourn the weight of evil whereby our sins the Son of Man betray. 2 This night the traitor, wolf within the sheepfold, betrays himself into his victim’s will, the Lamb of God for sacrifice preparing: sin brings about the cure for sin’s own ill. 3 This night Christ institutes his holy supper, blest food and drink for heart and soul and mind; this night injustice joins its hand to treason’s, and buys the ransom-price of humankind. 4 This night the Lord by slaves shall be arrested, he who destroys our slavery to sin; accused of crime, to criminals be given, that judgment on the righteous Judge begin. 5 O make us sharers, Savior, of your Passion, that we may share your glory that shall be; let us pass through these three dark nights of sorrow to Easter’s laughter and its liberty.Topics: Christian Year Palm Sunday; Christian Year Maundy Thursday; Christian Year Good Friday; Jesus Christ Passion and DeathScripture: Isaiah 53:7Languages: EnglishTune Title: MY NEIGHBOR

Born in the Night, Mary’s Child

Publication Date: 2013Author: Geoffrey AingerHymnal: Glory to God #158Meter: Name: Geoffrey AingerFirst Line: Born in the night, Mary's ChildLyrics: 1 Born in the night, Mary's Child, a long way from your home; coming in need, Mary's Child, born in a borrowed room. 2 Clear shining light, Mary's Child, your face lights up our way; Light of the world, Mary's Child, dawn on our darkened day. 3 Truth of our life, Mary's Child, you tell us God is good; yes, it is true, Mary's Child, shown on your cross of wood. 4 Hope of the world, Mary's Child, you're coming soon to reign; King of the earth, Mary's Child, walk in our streets again.Topics: Christian Year Nativity/Christmas; Christian Year Baptism of Jesus; Christian Year Transfiguration; Christ's Return and Judgment; Hope; Jesus Christ Life; Light; TruthScripture: Isaiah 9:2Languages: EnglishTune Title: MARY’S CHILD

There’s a Sweet, Sweet Spirit

Publication Date: 2013Author: Doris AkersHymnal: Glory to God #408Meter: with refrainPerson Name: Doris AkersFirst Line: There's a sweet, sweet Spirit in this placeRefrain First Line: Sweet Holy Spirit, sweet heavenly DoveTopics: Commitment; Gathering; Gift of the Holy SpiritScripture: Psalm 133:1Languages: EnglishTune Title: SWEET, SWEET SPIRIT

Lead Me, Guide Me

Publication Date: 2013Author: Doris AkersHymnal: Glory to God #740Meter: IrregularPerson Name: Doris AkersFirst Line: I am weak and I need your strength and powerTopics: Discipleship and Mission; Guidance; TemptationScripture: Psalm 5:8Languages: EnglishTune Title: LEAD ME, GUIDE ME

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Publication Date: 2013Author: Cecil Frances AlexanderHymnal: Glory to God #20Meter: with refrainPerson Name: Cecil Frances AlexanderFirst Line: Each little flower that opensRefrain First Line: All things bright and beautifulLyrics: Refrain: All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all. 1 Each little flower that opens, each little bird that sings, God made their glowing colors; God made their tiny wings. [Refrain] 2 The purple-headed mountain, the river running by, the sunset, and the morning that brightens up the sky: [Refrain] 3 The cold wind in the winter, the pleasant summer sun, the ripe fruits in the garden, God made them every one. [Refrain] 4 God gave us eyes to see them, and lips that we might tell how great is God Almighty, who has made all things well. [Refrain] Topics: Creation; Praise; ProvidenceScripture: Genesis 1:31Languages: EnglishTune Title: ROYAL OAK

Once in Royal David’s City

Publication Date: 2013Author: Cecil Frances AlexanderHymnal: Glory to God #140Meter: Name: Cecil Frances AlexanderFirst Line: Once in royal David's cityLyrics: 1 Once in royal David’s city stood a lowly cattle shed, where a mother laid her baby in a manger for his bed: Mary was that mother mild; Jesus Christ, her little child. 2 He came down to earth from heaven who is God and Lord of all, and his shelter was a stable, and his cradle was a stall; with the poor and meek and lowly, lived on earth our Savior holy. 3 Jesus is our childhood’s pattern; day by day like us he grew; he was little, weak and helpless; tears and smiles like us he knew; and he feels for all our sadness, and he shares in all our gladness. 4 And our eyes at last shall see him, through his own redeeming love; for that child so dear and gentle is our Lord in heaven above; and he leads his children on to the place where he is gone.Topics: Christian Year Nativity/Christmas; Christian Year Epiphany; Jesus Christ BirthScripture: Luke 2:4-7Languages: EnglishTune Title: IRBY

Jesus Calls Us

Publication Date: 2013Author: Cecil Frances AlexanderHymnal: Glory to God #720Meter: Name: Cecil Frances AlexanderFirst Line: Jesus calls us; o'er the tumultLyrics: 1 Jesus calls us: o'er the tumult of our life's wild, restless sea; day by day his sweet voice soundeth saying, "Christian, follow me." 2 Jesus calls us from the worship of the vain world's golden store, from each idol that would keep us, saying, "Christian, love me more." 3 In our joys and in our sorrows, days of toil and hours of ease, still he calls, in cares and pleasures, "Christian, love me more than these." 4 Jesus calls us: by thy mercies, Savior, may we hear thy call, give our hearts to thy obedience, serve and love thee best of all.Topics: Christian Life; Discipleship and Mission; Invitation; Love for God; ObedienceScripture: Matthew 4:18-20Tune Title: GALILEE

O Sacred Head, Now Wounded

Publication Date: 2013Author: James Waddell AlexanderHymnal: Glory to God #221Meter: DPerson Name: James Waddell AlexanderFirst Line: O sacred head, now woundedLyrics: 1 O sacred head, now wounded, with grief and shame weighed down; now scornfully surrounded with thorns, thine only crown; O sacred head, what glory, what bliss till now was thine! Yet, though despised and gory, I joy to call thee mine. 2 What thou, my Lord, hast suffered was all for sinners’ gain: mine, mine was the transgression, but thine the deadly pain. Lo, here I fall, my Savior! ’Tis I deserve thy place; look on me with thy favor, and grant to me thy grace. 3 What language shall I borrow to thank thee, dearest friend, for this thy dying sorrow, thy pity without end? O make me thine forever; and should I fainting be, Lord, let me never, never outlive my love to thee.Topics: Atonement; Repentance; Love for God; Living in Christ; Jesus Christ Passion and Death; Grace; Christian Year Good Friday; Christian Year Maundy Thursday; Christian Year Palm Sunday; SinScripture: Isaiah 53:3-5Languages: Latin; EnglishTune Title: PASSION CHORALE

Come, Ye Thankful People, Come

Publication Date: 2013Author: Henry AlfordHymnal: Glory to God #367Meter: DPerson Name: Henry AlfordFirst Line: Come, ye thankful people comeLyrics: 1 Come, ye thankful people, come; raise the song of harvest home. All is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin. God, our Maker, doth provide for our wants to be supplied. Come to God's own temple, come; raise the song of harvest home. 2 All the world is God's own field, fruit in thankful praise to yield, wheat and tares together sown, unto joy or sorrow grown. First the blade, and then the ear, then the full corn shall appear. Lord of harvest, grant that we wholesome grain and pure may be. 3 For the Lord our God shall come, and shall take the harvest home; from each field shall in that day all offenses purge away; give the angels charge at last in the fire the tares to cast, but the fruitful ears to store in God's garner evermore. 4 Even so, Lord, quickly come to thy final harvest home. Gather thou thy people in, free from sorrow, free from sin, there forever purified, in thy presence to abide: come, with all thine angels, come; raise the glorious harvest home! Topics: Christ's Return and Judgment; Harvest; Jesus Christ Advent; Sovereignty of God; ThanksgivingScripture: Exodus 23:16Languages: EnglishTune Title: ST. GEORGE’S WINDSOR

We Walk by Faith and Not by Sight

Publication Date: 2013Author: Henry AlfordHymnal: Glory to God #817Meter: Name: Henry AlfordFirst Line: We walk by faith and not by sightLyrics: 1 We walk by faith and not by sight; with gracious words draw near, O Christ, who spoke as none e'er spoke: “My peace be with you here.” 2 We may not touch your hands and side, nor follow where you trod; but in your promise we rejoice, and cry, "My Lord and God!" 3 Help then, O Lord, our unbelief; and may our faith abound to call on you when you are near and seek where you are found. 4 And when our life of faith is done, in realms of clearer light may we behold you as you are, with full and endless sight. Topics: Death; Faith; Jesus Christ Resurrection; Living and Dying in Christ; Trusting in the Promises of GodScripture: Isaiah 55:6Languages: EnglishTune Title: DUNLAP'S CREEK