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Hymnal, Number:hp4s1926
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All things bright and beautiful

Author: Cecil F. AlexanderHymnal: HP4S1926 #d4 (1926)Person Name: Cecil F. Alexander

Come, ye [you] thankful people, come

Author: Henry AlfordHymnal: HP4S1926 #d9 (1926)Person Name: Henry Alford

In our dear Lord's garden

Author: Ella S. ArmitageHymnal: HP4S1926 #d24 (1926)Person Name: Ella S. Armitage

The King of love my shepherd is

Author: Henry Williams BakerHymnal: HP4S1926 #d46 (1926)Person Name: Henry Williams Baker

Onward, Christian soldiers

Author: Sabine Baring-GouldHymnal: HP4S1926 #d40 (1926)Person Name: Sabine Baring-GouldFirst Line: Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, With the cross

Hushed was the evening hymn

Author: James Drummond BurnsHymnal: HP4S1926 #d23 (1926)Person Name: James Drummond Burns

All good gifts around us

Author: Jane M. Campbell; Matthias ClaudiusHymnal: HP4S1926 #d51 (1926)Person Name: Jane M. CampbellFirst Line: We plough [plow] the fields and scatter

As with gladness men of old

Author: William C. Dix; William Chatterton DixHymnal: HP4S1926 #d5 (1926)Person Name: William C. Dix

Father, we thank thee

Author: Mary Mapes DodgeHymnal: HP4S1926 #d8 (1926)Person Name: Mary Mapes DodgeFirst Line: Can a little child like me

Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us, o'er

Author: James EdmestonHymnal: HP4S1926 #d30 (1926)Person Name: James Edmeston