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Heavenly Father, Hear Our Prayer

Author: Barbara E. Adam, b. 1939 Hymnal: LBoW1978 #289 (1978) Meter: Person Name: Barbara E. Adam, b. 1939 First Line: Heav'nly Father, hear our prayer Topics: Marriage; Marriage Languages: English Tune Title: NAME OF JESUS

When All Your Mercies, O My God

Author: Joseph Addison, 1672-1719 Hymnal: LBoW1978 #264 (1978) Meter: Person Name: Joseph Addison, 1672-1719 Lyrics: 1 When all your mercies, O my God, My waking soul surveys, Transported with the view, I'm lost In wonder, love, and praise. 2 Ten thousand thousand precious gifts My daily thanks employ; Nor is the least a cheerful heart That tastes those gifts with joy. 3 Through ev'ry passing phase of life Your goodness I'll pursue, And after death, in distant worlds, The glorious theme renew. 4 Through all eternity, to you A joyful song I'll raise; But, oh, eternity's too short To utter all your praise! Topics: Morning; Mercy; Morning; Praise, Adoration; Day of Thanksgiving Languages: English Tune Title: WINCHESTER OLD

Maker of the Earth and Heaven

Author: Heinrich Albert, 1604-1651 Hymnal: LBoW1978 #266 (1978) Meter: Person Name: Heinrich Albert, 1604-1651 Topics: Morning; Morning Languages: English Tune Title: GOTT DES HIMMELS

Lord of Glory, You Have Bought Us

Author: Eliza S. Alderson, 1818-1889 Hymnal: LBoW1978 #424 (1978) Meter: D Person Name: Eliza S. Alderson, 1818-1889 Lyrics: 1 Lord of glory, you have bought us With your life-blood as the price, Never grudging for the lost ones That tremendous sacrifice; And with that have freely given Blessings countless as the sand To the unthankful and the evil With your own unsparing hand. 2 Grant us hearts, dear Lord, to give you Gladly, freely, of your own. With the sunshine of your goodness Melt our thankless hearts of stone Till our cold and selfish natures, Warmed by you, at length believe That more happy and more blessed 'Tis to give than to receive. 3 Wondrous honor you have given To our humblest charity In your own mysterious sentence, "You have done it all to me." Can it be, O gracious Master, That you deign for alms to sue, Saying by your poor and needy, "Give as I have giv'n to you"? 4 Yes, the sorrow and the suff'rings Which on ev'ry hand we view Channels are for gifts and off'rings Due by solemn right to you; Right of which we may not rob you, Debt we may not choose but pay, Lest that face of love and pity Turn from us another day. 4 Lord of glory, you have bought us With Your life-blood as the price, Never grudging for the lost ones That tremendous sacrifice. Give us faith to trust you boldly, Hope, to stay our souls on you: But, oh, best of all your graces, With your love our love renew. Topics: Society; Lent 4 (Year A); Justification; Society Languages: English Tune Title: HYFRYDOL

There Is a Green Hill Far Away

Author: Cecil F. Alexander, 1823-1895 Hymnal: LBoW1978 #114 (1978) Meter: Person Name: Cecil F. Alexander, 1823-1895 Lyrics: 1 There is a green hill far away, Outside a city wall, Where the dear Lord was crucified, Who died to save us all. 2 We may not know, we cannot tell, What pains he had to bear, But we believe it was for us He hung and suffered there. 3 He died that we might be forgiv'n; He died to make us good, That we might go at last to heav'n, Saved by his precious blood. Topics: Holy Week; Holy Week Languages: English Tune Title: WINDSOR

Jesus Calls Us; O'er the Tumult

Author: Cecil F. Alexander, 1823-1895 Hymnal: LBoW1978 #494 (1978) Meter: Person Name: Cecil F. Alexander, 1823-1895 Lyrics: 1 Jesus calls us; o'er the tumult Of our life's wild,restless sea, Day by day his clear voice sounding, Saying, "Christian, follow me." 2 As of old St. Andrew heard it By the Galilean lake, Turned from home and toil and kindred, Leaving all for his dear sake. 3 Jesus calls us from the worship Of the vain world's golden store, From each idol that would keep us, Saying "Christian, love me more." 4 In our joys and in our sorrows, Days of toil and hours of ease, Still he calls, in cares and pleasures, "Christian, love me more than these." 5 Jesus calls us! In your mercy, Savior, make us hear your call, Give our hearts to your obedience, Serve and love you best of all. Topics: Epiphany 2; Commitment; Invitation; Saints' Days St. andrew, Apostle; Trust, Guidance Languages: English Tune Title: GALILEE

Come, You Thankful People, Come

Author: Henry Alford, 1810-1871 Hymnal: LBoW1978 #407 (1978) Meter: D Person Name: Henry Alford, 1810-1871 Lyrics: 1 Come, you thankful people, come; Raise the song of harvest home. All is safely gathered in Ere the winter storms begin. God, our maker, does provide For our wants to be supplied. Come to God's own temple, come, Raise the song of harvest home. 2 All the world is God's own field, Fruit unto his praise to yield. Wheat and tares together sown, Unto joy or sorrow grown. First the blade, and then the ear, Then the full corn shall appear. Lord of harvest, grant that we Wholesome grain and pure may be. 3 For the Lord our God shall come And shall take his harvest home. From his field shall in that day All offenses purge away, Give his angels charge at last In the fire the tares to cast, But the fruitful ears to store In his garner evermore. 4 Even so, Lord, quickly come To your final harvest home. Gather all your people in, Free from sorrow, free from sin, There, forever purified, In your garner to abide. Come, with all your angels, come, Raise the glorious harvest home! Topics: Stewardship; Harvest; Stewardship Languages: English Tune Title: ST. GEORGE'S, WINDSOR

Good Christian Friends, Rejoice and Sing!

Author: Cyril A. Alington, 1872-1955 Hymnal: LBoW1978 #144 (1978) Meter: 8.8.8 with alleluias Person Name: Cyril A. Alington, 1872-1955 Topics: Easter; Easter Day; Easter Languages: English Tune Title: GELOBT SEI GOTT

Today Your Mercy Calls Us

Author: Oswald Allen, 1816-1878 Hymnal: LBoW1978 #304 (1978) Meter: Person Name: Oswald Allen, 1816-1878 Lyrics: 1 Today your mercy calls us To wash away our sin. However great our trespass, Whatever we have been, However long from mercy Our hearts have turned away, Your precious blood can wash us And make us clean today. 2 Today your gate is open, And all who enter in Shall find a Father's welcome And pardon for their sin. The past shall be forgotten, A present joy be giv'n, A future grace be promised, A glorious crown in heav'n. 3 Today our Father calls us; His Holy Spirit waits; His blessed angels gather Around the heav'nly gates. No question will be asked us, How often we have come; Although we oft have wandered, It is our Father's home. 4 O all-embracing Mercy, O ever-open Door, What should we do without you When heart and eye run o'er? When all things seem against us, To drive us to despair, We know one gate is open, One ear will hear our prayer. Topics: Repentance, Forgiveness; Invitation; Repentance, Forgiveness Languages: English Tune Title: ANTHES

Do Not Despair, O Little Flock

Author: Johann M. Altenburg, 1584-1630 Hymnal: LBoW1978 #361 (1978) Meter: Person Name: Johann M. Altenburg, 1584-1630 Topics: Community in Christ; Community in Christ; Trust, Guidance Languages: English Tune Title: KOMMT HER ZU MIR


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