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Hymnal, Number:mscs1849
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Hasten, Lord, the glorious time

Author: Harriet AuberHymnal: MSCS1849 #d19 (1849)Person Name: Harriet Auber

Ah, guilty sinner, ruined by transgression

Author: Charles BeecherHymnal: MSCS1849 #d1 (1849)Person Name: Charles Beecher

My Christian friends in bonds of love, whose hearts

Author: John BlainHymnal: MSCS1849 #d30 (1849)Person Name: John Blain

Social band

Author: CampbellHymnal: MSCS1849 #d39 (1849)Person Name: CampbellFirst Line: Say now, ye lovely social band

Land of pleasure

Author: Alexander CampbellHymnal: MSCS1849 #d49 (1849)Person Name: Alexander CampbellFirst Line: There is a land of pleasure, Where streams of joy forever roll

Christian farewell

Author: Thomas ClelandHymnal: MSCS1849 #d10 (1849)Person Name: Thomas ClelandFirst Line: Farewell, my dear brethren, the time is at hand

Divine inquiry

Author: William CowperHymnal: MSCS1849 #d17 (1849)Person Name: William CowperFirst Line: Hark, my soul, it is the Lord

Arise, my tenderest thoughts, arise

Author: Philip DoddridgeHymnal: MSCS1849 #d2 (1849)Person Name: Philip Doddridge

O happy day that fixed [seals] [stays] my choice

Author: Philip DoddridgeHymnal: MSCS1849 #d32 (1849)Person Name: Philip Doddridge

Lord, dismiss us with Thy [your] blessing, Fill our

Author: John FawcettHymnal: MSCS1849 #d29 (1849)Person Name: John Fawcett