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Hymnal, Number:ons11900
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'Twas only a common day

Author: Rufus L. DoddHymnal: ONS11900 #d1 (1900)First Line: A day was born of the night

Come to the feast

Author: S. W. EverettHymnal: ONS11900 #d2 (1900)First Line: A glorious feast is spread todayRefrain First Line: The Spirit and the bride say, come

All for thee

Author: SmithHymnal: ONS11900 #d3 (1900)First Line: All, dear Lord, we have forsaken

Are you working for a crown

Author: John Lewis MooreHymnal: ONS11900 #d4 (1900)First Line: Are you working for the MasterRefrain First Line: Working for a crown

I need his wonderful love

Author: W. C. McConnellHymnal: ONS11900 #d5 (1900)First Line: Christ died for me on CalvaryRefrain First Line: I need his love

Following the blessed Lord

Author: W. G. TempletonHymnal: ONS11900 #d6 (1900)First Line: Following the Master in a world

I will trust, I will trust in the blood

Author: Charles Wesley, 1707-1788Hymnal: ONS11900 #d7 (1900)First Line: Forever here my rest shall [will] be, close

Go work, go work, 'tis the blessed Lord's command

Author: George W. LyonHymnal: ONS11900 #d8 (1900)First Line: Go work today in my vineyard of the Lord, Truly there is much to do

Ever for thee

Author: Fannie M. ChadwickHymnal: ONS11900 #d9 (1900)First Line: Home of my soulRefrain First Line: Ever for thee my weary heart

Lost, lost, lost

Author: Martha Wells KnappHymnal: ONS11900 #d10 (1900)First Line: How sad it will be when the end draws near