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Hymnal, Number:oshp1884
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And can I yet delay

Author: Charles Wesley, 1707-1788 Hymnal: OSHP1884 #d3 (1884)

Hark the voice of yonder pilot

Author: Mary D. James Hymnal: OSHP1884 #d4 (1884) First Line: Are you drifting down life's current

Art thou weary, art thou languid

Author: John M. Neale; John Mason Neale; Stephen of St. Sabas Hymnal: OSHP1884 #d6 (1884)

Neath the cross

Author: Jennie Stout Hymnal: OSHP1884 #d7 (1884) First Line: At the cross, and 'neath it only Refrain First Line: Blessed cross

Awake, to work

Author: R. N. Turner Hymnal: OSHP1884 #d8 (1884) First Line: Awake, arise, the morn is bright

Awake, awake, O Zion, lift thy voice

Author: Fanny J. Crosby Hymnal: OSHP1884 #d9 (1884)

Up and away

Author: Fanny J. Crosby Hymnal: OSHP1884 #d10 (1884) First Line: Awake from thy drowsy sleep


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