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Hymnal, Number:oshp1884
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Nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee

Author: Sarah F. AdamsHymnal: OSHP1884 #d92 (1884)Person Name: Sarah F. Adams

Now the day is over, Night is drawing nigh

Author: Sabine Baring-GouldHymnal: OSHP1884 #d94 (1884)Person Name: Sabine Baring-Gould

Hosanna to our King

Author: E. D. BeddallHymnal: OSHP1884 #d142 (1884)Person Name: E. D. BeddallFirst Line: The multitude their garments spreadRefrain First Line: Hosanna, hosanna

Marching on

Author: E. D. BHymnal: OSHP1884 #d173 (1884)Person Name: E. D. BFirst Line: We are marching on to a bright and happy landRefrain First Line: Then come and join us as we're marching

Hallelujah, sing

Author: Hattie M. BirdHymnal: OSHP1884 #d18 (1884)Person Name: Hattie M. BirdFirst Line: Christ is risen, Christ is risen, Let our hearts with gladness

Joyously sing

Author: H. M. BirdHymnal: OSHP1884 #d81 (1884)Person Name: H. M. Bird

Jesus still lead on

Author: Jane L. Borthwick; Nicolaus Ludwig von ZinzendorfHymnal: OSHP1884 #d79 (1884)Person Name: Jane L. Borthwick

Come unto me

Author: Helen E. BrownHymnal: OSHP1884 #d171 (1884)Person Name: Helen E. BrownFirst Line: We are coming, we are coming, blessed Jesus

Child of a King

Author: Harriet E. BuellHymnal: OSHP1884 #d90 (1884)Person Name: Harriet E. BuellFirst Line: My Father is rich in houses and landsRefrain First Line: I'm a child of the King

Hushed was the evening hymn

Author: James Drummond BurnsHymnal: OSHP1884 #d49 (1884)Person Name: James Drummond Burns