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Hymnal, Number:phss1742
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The triumphant Song of Moses

Hymnal: PHSS1742 #288 (1742) Scripture: Exodus 15 First Line: I to the Lord will sing Lyrics: 1 I to the Lord will sing, for he Triumph'd in glory so; He both the horse and rider down Into the sea did throw. 2 Jah is my strength and song, and he Is my salvation: He is my God, I'11 him prepare An habitation. My father's God he is also, I'll him exalt: the same 3 Jehovah is a man of war, Jehovah is his name. 4 He Pharaoh's chariots and his host Into the sea hath cast. His chosen captains drowned were As the red fen they pass'd, 5 The depths them hid, to th' bottom they Like as a stone sunk down. 6 Jehovah, thy right hand in pow'r Most glorious is renown'd. Lord, thy right hand in pieces dash'd Those that against thee rose. 7 And in thy excellency great, Thou haft o'erthrown thy foes. Thou did'st send forth thy wrath, which as The stubble did them waste. 8 Together gather'd were the waves Ev'n with thy nostrils blast: The floods stood upright as an heap, The depths in mid-sea froze. 9 The foe said, I'll pursue, I'll take, I will the spoil dispose. My lust on them shall filled be, My sword draw out will I: My hand shall them again possess, Or wholly them destroy. 10 Thou with thy wind didst on them blow, The sea them covered soon: They in the mighty waters sunk, Like lead sunk quickly down. [2] 11 Lord, who's like thee among the gods, Who like thee, glorious In holiness, fearful in praise, In doings marvellous! 12 When thou didst forth thy right hand stretch The earth them swallowed. 13 The people whom thou hast redeemed, Thou hast in mercy led. Thou by thy strength shalt guide them to That holy seat of thine. 14 The folk shall hear and fear, and grieve Shall they of Palestine. 15 Then Edom's dukes shall be amaz'd, And Moab's mighty men Trembling shall seize, away shall melt All Canaan's dwellers then. 16 Fear upon them and dread shall fall By thine arm's mightiness. They like a stone shall quiet lie, Until thy people pass: Until thy people Lord shall pass Which thou hast purchased: 17 Till thou hast brought them in, and in Thy mount established. The mount of thine inheritance, O Lord, the place wherein Thou hast prepar'd thy sanctuary For thee to dwell therein: Which thy hands, Lord, establish'd have. 18 Jehovah he shall reign; For evermore, through ages all, For ever sovereign. 19 For Pharaoh's horse and chariots his And horsemen down they went Into the sea, Jehovah then The sea upon them sent. 20 The waters of the sea on them He turned back in haste, But on dry land thro' midst of sea The sons of Isra'l pass'd. Miriam's Answer: 21 Sing ye unto the Lord, for he Triumph'd in glory so, He both the horse and rider down Into the sea did throw Languages: English

The Prophetic song of Moses

Hymnal: PHSS1742 #291 (1742) Scripture: Deuteronomy 32 First Line: O heavens give ye attentive ear Lyrics: 1 O heavens give ye attentive ear To what I shall declare, And also thou, O earth, shalt hear What my mouth's sayings are. 2 My doctrine like the rain shall drop, My speech distil shall as The dew, as rain on tender herbs, And like the show'rs on grass. 3 Because that I Jehovah's name Will publish all abroad: See that ye greatness attribute Therefore unto our God. 4 That rock his work most perfect is, For's ways all judgment be, A God of truth, and without sin, Both just and right is he. 5 But they defil'd themselves, their spot, Is not his children's stain, A crooked generation they And froward do remain. 6 O foolish people and unwise. The Lord thus pay do ye; Thy father who thee bought and made, And fstablish'd is not he? 7 Remember days of old, the years, Of ev'ry age mark well; Thy father ask, and he'il thee shew; Thine elders will thee tell. 8 When as the highest shar'd their lots Unto the nations; When as the separation he Did make of Adam's sons. The borders of the people he Did set where they should dwell, According to the number of The sons of Israel. 9 Because Jehovah's portion His chosen people be, The lot of his inheritance, Jacob's posterity. 10 He found him in a desert land, Where the wild beasts did cry: He led him round, him taught, him kept As th' apple of his eye. ii As th' eagle stirreth up her nest, And flutters o'er her young, Spreads out her wings, and takes them up, Bears them her wings upon: 12 Ev'n in such wise Jehovah led Him up and down alone; A strange or idol god with him There was not any one. 13 On the high places of the earth He caused him to ride, That with the plenteous fields increase, He might be satisfy'd. The honey from the rock also, To suck he did him make; He from tke flinty rock likewise, Did make him oyl to take. 14 On butter thou of kine, and on The milk of sheep didst feed; With fat of lambs,and goats, and rams, That were of Bashan's breed. Together with the fatness of The wheaten kidnies fine: Thou of the grapes didft also drink The blood, refined wine. [2] 15 But Jesurun then waxed fat, And wantonly did spurn: Thou art with fatness covered, Art thick with fatness grown. Then he forsook the mighty God, Who had him magnify'd, The rock of his salvation He also vilify'd. 16 They with strange gods his jealousy Did kindle as a fire, And with abominations They did provoke his ire. 17 They did to devils, not to God, Their sacrifice prefer; To gods unknown, new up-starts whom Their fathers did not fear. 18 The rock who thee begotten hath, Remembred thou hast not: The mighty God who formed thee, Thou also hast forgot. 19 When this Jehovah saw, then he Despising, them did loath; Because of the provoking of His sons and daughters both. 20 He said, I'll hide my face from them, What is their end I'll see: For they a very froward race; They faithless children be. 21 With that which is no god they have Me mov'd to jealousy; They have provoked me to wrath, With idols vanity. With what's no people I'll also Them move to jealousy; Them with a foolish nation too To wrath provoke will I. [3] 22 For fire enkindled in my wrath Shall burn to hell below, And waste the earth with her increase, Hills bottoms fire also. 23 I mifchiefs will upon them heap, Mine arrows on them spend ; 24 With hunger burnt, with heat devour'd, With bitter plagues them end. The teeth of cruel beasts I will Upon them send also: The poison too of serpents vile Which on the dust do go. 25 The sword without, and dread within, Young men and maids bereave; Which neither shall the suckling babe, Nor hoary headed leave. 26 Yea into corners I did say, That I would scatter them; I'll their remembrance make to cease Among the sons of men. 27 But that I fear'd their foes wou'd rage, Lest they would carry strange, And say, our high hand, not the Lord, Hath wrought this mighty change. 28 For they're a nation counselless, Nor understanding find, 29 O were they wifs, this understood, Their latter end would mind. 30 How should one chase a thousand, two Ten thousand put to flight? Had not their rock them fold, and them Jehovah shut up quite. 31 Because their rock unto our rock Is not to be compared; Yea, tho' our enemies themselves As judges mould be heard. 32 For their vine is of Sodom's vine, And of Gomorrah's field; Their grapes are grapes of gall, to them They bitter clusters yield. 33 Their wine as dragon's pois'n, as asps Their cruel venom is. 34 Is not this stor'd with me, and seal'd Among my treasuries? [4] 35 Vengeance is mine and recompence, In time their foot shall slide: For their wo-day is nigh, and soon Evil shall them betide, 36 Because the Lord his folk shall judge, For's servants he'll repent. When none shut up or lest he sees, And that their power is spent. 37 Then he shall say those gods of theirs, Now where, O where are they? Where is the rock on whom they did. Their expectation stay? 38 Which eat their sacrifices fat, Drank their wine offerings too, Let them arise, help you, and be A hiding-place for you. 39 See now that I, ev'n I am he, And there's no god with me' I kill and quicken, wound and heal, None from my hand can free; 40 For I to heav'n lift up mine hand, And say I live for aye. 41 If my bright sword I whet, and if My hand on judgment stay; I'll render vengeance to my foes, I'll pay them that me hate; 42 I'll make mine arrows drunk with blood, And flesh my sword shall eat. With blood of slain, and those who fall Into captivity. Even from the first, revenge I take Upon the enemy. 43 Sing joyfully ye nations, with Those who his people be: Because that of his servants all Revenge the blood will he. And to his adversaries he Will render vengeance due, And he will mercy to his land, And to his people shew. Languages: English

The triumpant Song of Deborah and Barak

Hymnal: PHSS1742 #297 (1742) Scripture: Judges 5 First Line: In that he Israel hath reveng'd Lyrics: 1 In that he Israel hath reveng'd, Bless ye therefore the Lord: 2 In that the people offered Themselves of free accord. 3 Give ear, O kings, ye princes hear, Sing to the Lord I will; I, even I'll sing to the Lord, The God of Israel. 4 Lord, when thou went'st from Seir, when thou Didst march from Edom's field; The earth did shake, the heav'ns did drop, The clouds their show'rs distill'd. 5 Before the presence of the Lord, The mountains melting fell; Ev'n Sina, from before the Lord, The God of Israel. 6 In days of Shamgar, Anath's son, High-ways in Jael's days, Untrodden were: the passengers Did travel through by-ways. 7 The villagers did cease to be, They ceas'd in Israel: Till that I Deb'rah rose; I rose A mother in Israel. 8 New gods they chase, then cruel wars Entred their gates within, With forty thousand Isra'lites No shield nor spear was seen. 9 My heart to Israel's rulers is, Who did of free accord Present themfelves among the folk: Bless ye therefore the Lord. 10 Speak ye your minds, all ye that do Upon while asses ride; Ye that in judgment sit, and ye That walk the way beside. 11 Who from the archer's noise are freed, There shall they now record, In places where they water draw, The just acts of the Lord. His righteous acts to them who dwell In Israel's towns relate, Then shall the people of the Lord Go down unto the gate. [2] 12 Wake, wake, O Deborah, wake, awake, A song sing; Barak rise; Abinoam's son, and captive lead, Thou thy captivities. 13 Unto the remnant he gave rule Above the nobles then Among the folk: the Lord gave me Rule over mighty men. 14 From Ephraim a root against Proud Amalek there was. Thy followers, O Benjamin, Among thy folk did pass, From out of Machir governours Deseended also then, And out of Zebulun came they That handle writer's pen. 15 Then Issachar, ev'n Issachar, His peers with Deborah went, And also Barak was on foot, Into the valley sent. Because of those divisions that In Ruben did appear, Great fears and anxious thoughts of heart Among us then there were. 16 Why didst, thou with the sheep-folds stay The bleating flocks to hear? For Ruben his divisions sad Heart-searchings great there were. 17 Gilead by Jordan stay'd; and why Did Dan in ships reside? On sea-shore Amur why remain, And in his creeks abide? 18 But Zebulun and Napthali Were people who did yield Their lives in danger unto death In the high open field. [3] 19 The kings came and they fought, then fought The kings of Canaan, In Tanach by Megiddo's streams; No money prize they wan. 20 From heav'n they fought, the stars by course Fought against Sisera: 21 Then Kishon's brook, old Kishon's brook, That brook them swept away. O thou my soul hast trod down strength. 22 Then broke their horse-hoofs were; By pransing, trampling, pransings of Their mighty horses there. 23 Curse Meroz, curse her dwellers, curse, Jehovah's angel said: For they came not to aid the Lord, Against the strong to aid. 24 Jael the Kenite, Heber's wife, 'Bove women bless shall be: Above the women in the tent, A blesed one is she. 25 He water ask'd; she gave him milk, Him butter forth she fetch'd 26 In lordly dish: then to the nail, She forth her left hand stretch'd; Her right the workman's hammer held, And Sisera struck dead: She pierc'd and struck his temples through, And then smote off his head. 27 He at her feet bow'd, fell, lay down, He at her feet bow'd, where He fell: ev'n where he bowed down, He fell destroyed there. [4] 28 Out of a window Sisera His mother look'd, and said, The lattess through, in coming why So long his chariot staid ? His chariot-wheels why tarry they? 29 Her ladies wise reply'd, Yea to herself the answer made, 30 Have they not sped? she cry'd The prey to each, a maid or twain, Divided have not they? To Sifera have they not shar'd A divers-colour'd prey? Of divers colour'd needle-work, Wrought curious on each side, Of various colours, meet for necks Of those who spoils divide? 31 So perish let thine enemies all, O Lord; but let all those Who do him love, be like the sun That in his strength forth goes. Languages: English

The joyful Song of Hannah

Hymnal: PHSS1742 #301 (1742) Scripture: 1 Samuel 2 First Line: My heart doth in Jehovah joy Lyrics: 1 My heart doth in Jehovah joy, My horn in Jah is lift on high, My mouth enlarg'd is o'er my foe, For in thy health rejoyce do I. 2 Like to the Lord, there's holy none, For there is none besides but thee : And other rock there is not one, That to our God compar'd may be, 3 Speak ye out no presumptuous word, No harshnefs from your mouth proceed, For God of knowledge is the Lord, Also by him are actions weigh'd. 4 The strong man's bows are shivered, And they that slipt are girt with power. 5 The full have hir'd themselves for bread, And hungry ceas'd from wanting more, She that was barren seven bear The fruitful woman weak is grown. 6 The Lord doth kill, and lile doth spare. He lifts up, and to grave brings down. 7 The Lord both poor and rich doth make; He raiseth up, and bringeth low. 8 The poor he up from dust doth take, He beggar lifts the dunghill fro. To give him place with princely lords. To fix Him on a glorious throne; For earth's foundations are the Lord's, And he hath set the world thereon. 9 His holy ones their feet he will Preserve so that they shall not fail; The vile in darkness shall be still, For no man shall by strength prevail. 10 The adversaries of the Lord Shall broken be to pieces small And he from heaven shall accord To thunder forth upon them all. The borders of the earth the Lord Shall justly judge, and he likewise Unto his king shall strength afford, And make his oynted's horn to rise. Languages: English

David's mournful Elegy

Hymnal: PHSS1742 #302 (1742) Scripture: 2 Samuel 1:17 First Line: Upon the places high is slain Lyrics: 19 Upon the places high is slain The flow'r of Israel. How are the mighty fallen down: 20 In Gath this never tell: Nor shew't in streets of Askelon, Lest Philistines rejoyce, Lest daughters of th' uncircumcis'd Should make triumphant noise. 21 Ye mountains high of Gilboah Left there be never dew. Nor rain, nor fields of offerings Let ever be on you. For there the mighty one his shield Receiv'd disgraceful foil: The shield of Saul, as he had not Anointed been with oyl. 22 The bow of Jon'than did not turn Back from the blood of slain, From fat of mighty, and Saul's sword Did not return in vain. 23 Most lovely Saul and Jonathan, And pleasant did abide Whilst they did live and in their death Them nothing did divide They swifter than the eagles were, The lions did excell 24 In strength. O weep ye over Saul, Daughters of Israel. Who did in scarlet you array, With deckings manifold, Who did on your apparel lay The ornaments of gold. 25 In midst of the fierce battle how, The mighty fallen lie. O Jonathan cut off wast thou, Upon thy places high! 26 O thou my brother Jonathan, I am diftress'd for theem A loving dear companion Thou hast been unto me. Thy love to me in wonder past The love of women far: 27 How are the mighty fallen, and waste The weapons are of war! Languages: English

O blessed man that walks not in

Hymnal: PHSS1742 #PI (1742) Scripture: Psalm 1 Lyrics: 1 O blessed man that walks not in Th' advice of wicked men, Nor standeth in the sinner way, Nor scorners seats sits in. 2 But he upon Jehovah's law Doth set his whole delight, And in his law doth meditate Both in the day and night. 3 He shall be like a planted tree by water-brooks which shall In his due season yield his fruit, Whose leaf shall never fall. And all he doth shall prosper well. 4 The wicked are not so: But they are like unto the chaff Which wind drives to and fro. 5 Therefore shall not ungodly men In judgement stand upright, Nor in th' assembly of the just Shall stand the sinful wight. 6 For of the righteous men the Lord Acknowledgeth the way; Whereas the way of wicked men Shall utterly decay. 6 For of the righteous men the Lord Languages: English

Why rage the heathen furiously

Hymnal: PHSS1742 #PII (1742) Scripture: Psalm 2 Lyrics: 1 Why rage the heathen furiously, Vain things the people muse? 2 Kings of the earth do set themselves, And princes plotting use. With one consent against the Lord, Against his Christ also, 3 Let us asunder break their bands, And their cords from us throw. 4 He that in heaven sits shall laugh, The Lord deride them shall. 5 Then to them in his ire he'll speak, In's wrath sore vex them all. 6 But I anoint my king upon Zion my holy hill. 7 The counsel that establish'd is Declare abroad I will. 8 The Lord said, Thou'rt my Son, this day I thee begotten have; Ask thou of me, and for my lot The heathen I will give; And of the earth thou shalt possess The utmost coast abroad. 9 Thou shalt them break as potters sherd, And crust with iron rod, 10 And now ye kings be wise, be learn'd Earth's judges ye that are. 11 Serve ye the Lord with reverence, Rejoyce with trembling fear. 12 Kiss ye the son lest he be wroth, And ye fall in the way, When his wrath but a little burns, Bless'd all that on him stay. Languages: English

A Psalm of David, when he fled from the Face of Absalom his Son

Hymnal: PHSS1742 #PIII (1742) Scripture: Psalm 3 First Line: O Lord, my foes how great are they? Lyrics: 1 O Lord, my foes how great are they? How many up against me stand? 2 No help is to my soul, they say, In God for him at any hand. 3 My shield and glory yet art thou, Lord, and th' up-lifter of my head: 4 I with my voice to Jah call'd, who From's holy hill me answered. Selah 5 I lay down, slept, and wake did I, For em Jehovah up did bear; 6 The folk that round against me lie, Ten thousand of them I'll not fear. 7 O Lord my God to save me rise, For all mine en'mies thou hast stroke Upon the cheek-bone; thou likewise The teeth hast of the wicked broke. 8 This and all such salvation Unto Jehovah doth pertain: Thy people specially upon Thy blessing doth and shall remain. Languages: English

To the chief Musician on Neginoth. A Psalm of David

Hymnal: PHSS1742 #PIV (1742) Scripture: Psalm 4 First Line: God of my justice, when I call Lyrics: 1 God of my justice, when I call, O hear me when distress'd, Thou hast enlarg'd me; shew me grace And hear thou my request. 2 Ye sons of men my glory turn To shame, how long will you? How long will ye love vanity, And still deceit pursue? Selah. 3 But know the Lord hath set apart For him the gracious saint: The Lord will hear when unto him I pour out my complaint. 4 Be stirred up, but do not sin, Consider seriously Within your heart with silence deep When on your bed you lie. 5 The sacrifice of righteousness Let sacrificed be, And confidently put your trust Upon the Lord do ye. 6 Many there be that say, O who Will cause us good to see? The light, Lord, Of thy countenance, Let on us lifted be. 7 Thou hast put gladness in my heart More than the time wherein Their corn and their new wine also Have much increased been. 8 In peace with him I will lie down, And I my sleep will take: For me in confidence to dwell, Thou Lord alone dost make. Languages: English

Jehovah, O rebuke me not

Hymnal: PHSS1742 #PVIb (1742) Scripture: Psalm 4 Lyrics: 1 Jehovah, O rebuke me not When thou shalt angry be; And in thine indignation hot, O do not chasten me; 2 O Lord, because that weak am I, Be gracious unto me: Jehovah, heal thou me, for why My bones they vexed be. 3 And vex'd my soul is vehemently; But thou, Lord, how long space? 4 Return, O lord, my soul set free, O save me for thy grace. 5 For they who are in death, at all Of thee no mem'ry have, With thinks confess to thee who shall That is within the grave? 6 I tired am with groaning cries, To swim I make my bead Thro' all the night; my couch likewise With tears I watered. 7 With grievous indignation Consumed are mine eyes: And they are old and dim become 'Mongst all mine enemies. 8 All ye that work iniquity Away from me be gone: Because the Lord hath heard the cry Of my complaining moan. 9 My humble suit for grace also Jehovah doth it hear: Jehovah will my prayer unto Vouchsafe a gracious ear. 10 Asham'd and vexed vehemently Be all mine enemies: Let them return, and suddenly Let them be sham'd likewise. Languages: English


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