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Hymnal, Number:whsb1986
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Praise the Spirit in Creation

Author: Michael Hewlett, b. 1916Hymnal: WHSB1986 #477 (1986)Meter: Genesis 1Topics: Pentecost; Pentecost; Ministry; Mission; New CreationLanguages: EnglishTune Title: JULION

Over the Chaos of the Empty Waters

Hymnal: WHSB1986 #483 (1986)Meter: Genesis 1Topics: Pentecost; Pentecost; Gathering; New CreationLanguages: EnglishTune Title: BICKFORD

Many and Great, O God, Are Your Works

Author: Philip Frazier, 1892-1964Hymnal: WHSB1986 #503 (1986)Meter: IrregularScripture: Genesis 1Topics: Creation; Gathering; God the Father (Creator); Heaven; Life; Majesty and Power; Petition; Praise; Word of GodLanguages: EnglishTune Title: LACQUIPARLE

Thy Strong Word Didst Cleave the Darkness

Author: Martin H. Franzmann, 1907-1976Hymnal: WHSB1986 #511 (1986)Meter: DScripture: Genesis 1Topics: Epiphany; Wisdom; Trust; Thanksgiving; Song; Salvation; Redemption; Providence; Praise; Petition; Mercy; Light; God the Father (Creator); Evening; Death; Cross; Creation; Easter Season; Word of GodLanguages: EnglishTune Title: EBENEZER

God, Who Stretched the Spangled Heavens

Author: Catherine Cameron, b. 1927Hymnal: WHSB1986 #648 (1986)Meter: DScripture: Genesis 1Topics: Challenge of Gospel; Witness; Universe; Stewardship; Social Concern; Service; Science and Space; Providence; Petition; Peace; Ministry; Life; Labor; Guidance; God the Father (Creator); Creation; CanonsLanguages: EnglishTune Title: HOLY MANNA

This Is the Day When Light Was First Created

Author: Fred Kaan, b. 1929Hymnal: WHSB1986 #663 (1986)Meter: Genesis 1Topics: Ordinary Time 9, Year B; Victory over Sin and Death; Unity; Sunday; Service; Rest; Praise; Petition; New Year ; Light; Gathering; Creation; Pentecost; Easter Season; WorldLanguages: EnglishTune Title: NORTHBROOK

God, Whose Almighty Word

Author: John Marriott, 1780-1825Hymnal: WHSB1986 #486 (1986)Meter: Genesis 1:1-5Lyrics: 1 God whose almighty word Chaos and darkness heard, And took their flight; Hear us, we humbly pray, And, where the gospel-day Sheds not its glorious ray, Let there be light! 2 Savior, you came to give Those who in darkness live Healing and sight, Health to the sick in mind, Sight to the inward blind: Now to all human-kind Let there be light! 3 Spirit of truth and love, Life-giving, holy dove, Speed on your flight! Move on the water’s face Bearing the lamp of grace And, in earth’s darkest place, Let there be light! 4 Gracious and holy Three, Glorious Trinity, Wisdom, love, might: Boundless as ocean’s tide Rolling in fullest pride Through the world far and wide, Let there be light!Topics: Trinity Sunday; Trinity Sunday; Healing; Light; New Creation; PetitionLanguages: EnglishTune Title: ITALIAN HYMN

On This Day, the First of Days

Author: Henry W. Baker, 1821-1877Hymnal: WHSB1986 #662 (1986)Scripture: Genesis 1:2-3Lyrics: 1 On this day, the first of days, God our Maker's name we praise; Who, creation’s Lord and Sspring Did the world from darkness bring. 2 On this day the eternal Son Over death his triumph won; On this day the Spirit came With its gifts of living flame. 3 Word-made-flesh, all praises be! You from sin have set us free; And with you we die and rise Unto God in sacrifice. 4 Holy Spirit, you impart Gifts of love to every heart; Give us light and grace, we pray, Fill our hearts this holy day. 5 God, the blessed Three in One, May your holy will be done; In your word our souls are free, As we praise the Trinity.Topics: Easter Season; Sacrifice; Praise; Petition; New Year ; Morning; Light; Grace; God the Father (Creator); Gathering; Freedom; Creation; Commitment; Trinity Sunday; SundayLanguages: EnglishTune Title: LÜBECK

God, Omnipotent, Eternal

Author: Erik Routley, 1917-1982Hymnal: WHSB1986 #563 (1986)Meter: Genesis 1:3Topics: Challenge of Gospel; Social Concern; Sin; Repentance; Petition; Peace; Paschal Mystery; New Creation; Mission; Mercy; Love of God for Us; Light; Kingdom; Justice; Creation; TruthLanguages: EnglishTune Title: REGENT SQUARE

Let There Be Light

Author: Frances W. Davis, b. 1936Hymnal: WHSB1986 #653 (1986)Meter: Genesis 1:3Topics: Ordinary Time 5, Year A; Unity; Understanding; Petition; Peace; Light; Kingdom; Hunger; Horror of War; Grace; Freedom; Brotherhood and Sisterhood; Martyrs; Apostles; WorldLanguages: EnglishTune Title: SPRAGUE