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Hymnal, Number:wors2011
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A Blind Man Sat beside the Road

Publication Date: 2011Author: Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007Hymnal: Worship (4th ed.) #979Meter: Line: A blind man sat beside the roadTopics: Pastoral Care of the Sick; Ordinary Time, Thirtieth Sunday BTune Title: ST. ANNE

A Child Is Born in Bethlehem (Puer Natus in Béthlehem)

Publication Date: 2011Author: Ronald F. Krisman, b. 1946Hymnal: Worship (4th ed.) #432First Line: A child is born in Bethlehem, Alleluia (Puer natus in Béthlehem, Allelúia)Refrain First Line: Our joyful hearts we raise! (In cordis júbilo)Topics: ChristmasLanguages: Latin; EnglishTune Title: PUER NATUS

A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing

Publication Date: 2011Author: Benjamin Webb, 1819-1885; Venerable Bede, 673-735Hymnal: Worship (4th ed.) #530Meter: with alleluiasFirst Line: A hymn of glory let us sing!Topics: Ascension of the LordLanguages: Latin; EnglishTune Title: LASTT UNS ERFREUEN

A light will shine on us this day

Publication Date: 2011Hymnal: Worship (4th ed.) #1015First Line: A light will shine on us this dayTopics: Lectionary Advent / ChristmasTune Title: [A light will shine on us this day]

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Publication Date: 2011Author: Martin Luther, 1483-1546Hymnal: Worship (4th ed.) #688Meter: Line: A mighty fortress is our GodTopics: TrustScripture: Psalm 46Languages: German; EnglishTune Title: EAIN' FESTE BURG

A Morning Star Draws Near

Publication Date: 2011Author: Mary Louise Bringle, b. 1953Hymnal: Worship (4th ed.) #400Meter: Line: A morning star draws near the earthTopics: Advent; Acvent II CTune Title: MORNING SONG

A Woman Knelt Where Jesus Sat to Eat

Publication Date: 2011Author: Adam. M. L. Tice, b. 1979Hymnal: Worship (4th ed.) #958Meter: Line: A woman knelt where Jesus sat to eatTopics: Penance / Reconciliation; Ordinary Time, Eleventh Sunday CScripture: Luke 7:36-50Languages: EnglishTune Title: SURSUM CORDA

A Year of God's Favor

Publication Date: 2011Author: Delores Dufner, OSB, b. 1939Hymnal: Worship (4th ed.) #594Meter: Line: A year of God's favor Christ promised, and moreTopics: Word; Ordinary Time, Third Sunday CTune Title: ST. DENIO

Acceptance into the order of catechumens

Publication Date: 2011Hymnal: Worship (4th ed.) #133First Line: Acceptance into the order of catechumensTopics: Rites of the Church Christian Initiation of Adults


Publication Date: 2011Hymnal: Worship (4th ed.) #163First Line: AdorationTopics: Rites of the Church Eucharistic Expoisition and Benediction