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The All-Seeing God

Author: Florence S. Smith Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #9891 Meter: D Hymnal Title: The Cyber Hymnal First Line: As Hagar in the desert Lyrics: 1 As Hagar in the desert, Thrust forth by blows and strife, Sat lonely by the well side, Aweary of her life, There came the angel message, Arise and homeward fare; For, though the wild seemed empty, The mighty God was there. 2 When secret sins beset me, And temptings snare my feet, Till hid from human vision I think their fruits are sweet; Thy presence hovers o’er me, I cannot hide or flee— O thought how dread and awful, That Thou, God, seest me. 3 When turned from paths of evil, I dare not seek Thy face, But kneel in deep abasement Before the throne of grace; When only tears are telling The prayers I bring to Thee, O thought how sweet and tender, That Thou, God, seest me. 4 When, lost in life’s great desert, Worn out by sin and strife, I sit beside the fountain Where springs the stream of life, Send Thou the angel message; Let my one comfort be, Still, still, where’er I wander, That Thou, God, seest me. Languages: English Tune Title: MADEIRA

As Hagar in the desert

Author: Florence Sidney Smith Hymnal: The International Lesson Hymnal #7 (1878) Hymnal Title: The International Lesson Hymnal

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