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Before the heaven and earth

Hymnal: Church Family Worship #206 (1988) Meter: Hymnal Title: Church Family Worship

Before the heaven and earth

Author: Brian Black (born 1926) Hymnal: Hymns for Today's Church (2nd ed.) #612 (1987) Hymnal Title: Hymns for Today's Church (2nd ed.) Topics: God's Church Doxology, Glory to God; The Song of Christ's Glory; Palm Sunday The Way of the Cross; The Ascension of Christ Scripture: Philippians 2:5-11 Tune Title: NARENZA

Before the Heaven and Earth

Author: Brian Black Hymnal: Scripture Song Database #446 (2008) Hymnal Title: Scripture Song Database First Line: [Before the Heaven and Earth] Scripture: Philippians 2 Languages: English

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