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How Long Forgotten, Lord, By Thee?

Author: Benjamin H. Kennedy Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #9582 Meter: Hymnal Title: The Cyber Hymnal First Line: How long forgotten, Lord, by Thee Lyrics: 1 How long forgotten, Lord, by Thee, Forbidden still Thy face to see, Shall I, by daily grief distressed, Take counsel with my doubtful breast? 2 How long amidst triumphant foes, Who mock my agonizing woes, To Heaven’s high throne must I complain And seek the Lord my God in vain? 3 Consider, Lord, and hear my cries, Pour light upon my troubled eyes, Lest, yielding up my weary breath, I sleep the dreamless sleep of death. 4 Lest o’er my fall the foe rejoice, And cry with loud exulting voice: Lo where he lies, a trampled clod, Who vainly trusted in his God. 5 But I will ever trust Thee, Lord; My joy is in Thy saving Word: Thy tender mercies will I bless, And sing of all Thy righteousness. Languages: English Tune Title: LLEF

How long forgotten, Lord

Author: Benjamin Hall Kennedy Hymnal: The Psalms, Newly Paraphrased for the Service in the Sanctuary . . . #d70 (1833) Hymnal Title: The Psalms, Newly Paraphrased for the Service in the Sanctuary . . .

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