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Hush, Little Jesus Boy

Author: Anon.; Howard S. Olson Hymnal: Set Free #5 (1993) Hymnal Title: Set Free First Line: Hush, little Jesus boy, Alleluia (Yesu, ulale, Haleluya) Refrain First Line: Alleluia (Haleluya) Scripture: Luke 2:19 Languages: Ilyamba Tune Title: YESU ULALE

Hush, Little Jesus Boy (Yesu, ulale)

Author: Howard S. Olson, b. 1922 Hymnal: This Far By Faith #56 (1999) Hymnal Title: This Far By Faith First Line: Hush, little Jesus boy, hallelujah (Yesu, ulale, haleluya) Refrain First Line: Hallelujah, hallelujah, most holy child, sweet indeed (Haleluya halleluya, mtot wee, mwematu) Topics: Christmas Languages: English Tune Title: YESU ULALE

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