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I saw again, behold, heaven's open door

Author: William Lindsay Alexander Hymnal: Elim; or Hymns of Holy Refreshment #d46 (1866) Hymnal Title: Elim; or Hymns of Holy Refreshment
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I saw again, behold! heaven's open door

Author: William Alexander Hymnal: Songs of the Soul #390 (1880) Hymnal Title: Songs of the Soul

Vision From The Apocalypse

Author: William Alexander Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #10573 Meter: Hymnal Title: The Cyber Hymnal First Line: I saw again. Behold! Heaven’s open door Lyrics: 1 I saw again. Behold! Heaven’s open door, Behold! a throne—the seraphim stood o’er it— The white-robed elders fell upon the floor, And flung their crowns before it. 2 I saw a wondrous book—an angel strong To Heaven and earth proclaimed his loud appeals— But a hush passed across the seraph’s song, For none might loose the seals. 3 Then, fast as rain to death cry of the year, Tears of St. John to that sad cry were given; It was a wondrous thing to see a tear Fall on the floor of Heaven! 4 And a sweet voice said, "Weep not, wherefore fails Eagle of God, thy heart, the high and leal? The Lion out of Judah’s tribe prevails To loose the seven-fold seal." 5 ’Twas Israel’s voice; and straightway, up above, Stood in the midst a wondrous Lamb, snow white, Heart-wounded with the deep sweet wounds of love, Eternal, infinite. 6 Then rose the song no ear had heard before; Then from the white-robed throng high anthem woke; And fast as spring-tide on the sealess shore The hallelujahs broke. 7 Who dreams of God when passionate youth is high, When first life’s weary waste his feet have trod— Who seeth angels’ footfalls in the sky, Working the works of God, 8 His sun shall fade as gently as it rose, Thro’ the dark woof of death’s approaching night His faith shall shoot, at life’s prophetic close, Some threads of golden light. 9 For him the silver ladder shall be set— His Savior shall receive his latest breath— He walketh to a fadeless coronet Up thro’ the gate of death. Languages: English Tune Title: PEACE

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