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Dona nobis pacem

Hymnal: Psalms for All Seasons #85B (2012) Hymnal Title: Psalms for All Seasons First Line: I will hear what the Lord has to say Topics: Atonement; Lament General; Love; New Creation; Occasional Services Civic / National Occasions; Peace; Renewal; Social Justice; Sorrow; Truth; Unity and Fellowship; Year A, Ordinary Time after Pentecost, August 7-13; Year B, Advent, 2nd Sunday; Year B, Ordinary Time after Pentecost, July 10-16; Year C, Ordinary Time after Pentecost, July 24-30; Lament Community; Justice; Biblical Names and Places Jacob; Church Year Advent; Earth; Elements of Worship Lord's Supper; Elements of Worship Prayer for Illumination; God's Word; God's Anger; God's Forgiveness; God's Glory; God's Love; God's People (flock, sheep); God's Promise of Redemption; Guilt; Joy; Texts in Languages Other than English Latin Tune Title: [I will hear what the Lord has to say]

Dona nobis pacem, Domine

Author: The Grail Hymnal: Together in Song #713 (1999) Hymnal Title: Together in Song First Line: I will hear what the Lord has to say Topics: Assurance; Comfort; Inner Peace; Intercession of the Church; Meditation; Peace of the World; Reconciliation; Responses; Unity of the Church Scripture: Ephesians 2:13-17 Languages: English; Latin Tune Title: DONA NOBIS PACEM

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