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In praise of God meet duty and delight

Author: Erik Routley, 1917-1982 Hymnal: Common Praise #479 (2000) Meter: Hymnal Title: Common Praise Scripture: 2 Chronicles 30:21 Languages: English Tune Title: CLIFF TOWN

In praise of God meet duty and delight

Author: Erik Reginald Routley, 1917-82 Hymnal: Together in Song #471 (1999) Meter: Hymnal Title: Together in Song Lyrics: 1 In praise of God meet duty and delight, creatures of earth and heavenly spirits blest: in praise is earth transfigured by the sound and sight of Heaven's everlasting feast. 2 In praise meet those with skill in art and crafts, inspired, obedient, patient, practical; in praise join instrument and voice and mind to make one music for the Lord of all. 3 The desert is refreshed by songs of praise, relaxed the frown of pride, the stress of grief; in praise forgotten all our human spite; in praise the burdened heart finds sure relief. 4 No skill of ours, no music made on earth, no mortal song could scale the height of heaven; yet stands the cross, through grace ineffable an instrument of praise to sinners given. 5 So, confident and festive, let us sing of wisdom, power and mercy there made known: the song of Moses and the Lamb be ours, through Christ raised up to life in God alone. Topics: Art and Learning; Resurrection; People of God; Our Gifts to God; Music; Grief; Grace; Glory of God; Festal Joy; Cross; Confidence; Worship Earthly and Heavenly Scripture: Colossians 3:16-17 Languages: English Tune Title: CLIFF TOWN

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