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Christ the Conquering King

Hymnal: Bible Songs #224 (1901) Hymnal Title: Bible Songs First Line: Jehovah to my Lord thus spake Topics: Anger of God Fearful; Royalty of Christ Nations His Subjects; Royalty of Christ Mediatorial; Royalty of Christ For the Salvation of His People; Royalty of Christ Divinely Conferred; Nature An Emblem of Grace; Nations Ultimate Subjection of; Nations Owe Allegiance to Christ; Missions Triumphs of; Missions Influence of; Judgments On Nations; Civil Magistracy; Church Covenanted; Christ Priesthood of; Christ Godhead of; Christ Exaltation; Christ Conqueror; Christ Ascension of; Royalty of Christ Reward of His Obedience Scripture: Psalm 110 Tune Title: [Jehovah to my Lord thus spake]
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Jehovah to my Lord thus spake

Hymnal: Bible Songs #116 (1879) Hymnal Title: Bible Songs Topics: All shall Submit to Jesus Scripture: Psalm 110:1-3 Tune Title: JEFFERSON STREET

Christ The Conquering King

Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #12672 Meter: Hymnal Title: The Cyber Hymnal First Line: Jehovah to my Lord thus spake Lyrics: 1 Jehovah to my Lord thus spake, "Till I Thy foes Thy footstool make, Sit Thou in state at My right hand:; God shall from Zion send abroad O’er nations all Thy mighty rod; Amid Thy foes Thy throne shall stand. 2 Thee, in Thy power’s triumphant day, The willing nations shall obey, And, when Thy rising beams they view, Shall all, redeemed from error’s night, Appear as numberless and bright, As crystal drops of morning dew. 3 The Lord unchanging oath has made, "Melchizedek’s Thy priestly grade, In everlasting priesthood crowned"; The sovereign Lord, at Thy right hand, Shall strike thro’ princes of the land, While awful anger flames around. 4 Among the heathen judge He will; Unnumbered dead the land shall fill, The nations’ chief shall smitten lie; The brook that runneth in the way His burning thirst shall slake that day, And He shall lift His head on high. Languages: Latin Tune Title: SWINDON

Jehovah to my Lord thus spake

Hymnal: The Psalter #d92 (1872) Hymnal Title: The Psalter

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