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Jesus, our mighty Lord, our strength in sadness

Author: Clement of Alexandria, 170?-220?; F. Bland Tucker, 1895-1984 Hymnal: Hymnal 1982 #478 (1985) Meter: Hymnal Title: Hymnal 1982 Languages: English Tune Title: MONK'S GATE

Jesus, Our Mighty Lord

Author: Clement of Alexandria; F. Bland Tucker Hymnal: Psalter Hymnal (Gray) #590 (1987) Meter: Hymnal Title: Psalter Hymnal (Gray) Topics: Shepherd, God/Christ as; Salvation; Profession of Faith; King, God/Christ as; Family; Home; Shepherd, God/Christ as; Profession of Faith; King, God/Christ as; Family; Thanksgiving & Gratitude Scripture: Ephesians 5:19-20 Languages: English Tune Title: ROSE-MARIE

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