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Psalm CXXX

Author: W.W. Hymnal: The whole book of Psalms #CXXX (1812) Hymnal Title: The whole book of Psalms First Line: Lord unto thee I make my moan Lyrics: 1 Lord, unto thee I make my moan, when dangers me oppress; I call, I sigh, complain, and groan, trusting to find release 2 Hearken, O Lord, to my request, unto my suit incline, And let thine ears, O Lord, be pressed to hear this prayer of mine 3 O Lord our God, if thou survey our sins, and them peruse, Who shall escape? Or who dare say, I can myself excuse 4 But thou art merciful and free, and boundless in thy grace, That we might always careful be to fear before thy face 5 In God the Lord I put my trust, my soul waits on his will; His promise is for ever just, and I hope therein still 6 My soul to God hath great regard, wishing for him always; Much more than they that watch and ward to see the dawning day 7 O Israel, trust in the Lord, with him there mercy is, And he doth plenteously afford redemption unto his. 8 E'en he it is that Israel shall, through his abundant grace, Redeem from his offences all, and wholly them deface. Scripture: Psalm 130 Languages: English

De profundis

Author: W. W. Hymnal: The Whole Booke of Psalmes #78a (1640) Hymnal Title: The Whole Booke of Psalmes First Line: Lord to thee I make my mone Lyrics: 1 Lord to thee I make my mone, when dangers me oppresse: I call, I sigh, plain, and groane, trusting to find release. 2 Heare now, O Lord,, my request, for it is full due time And let thine eares aye be prst, unto this prayer of mine. 3 O Lord our God if thou weigh our sins and them peruse: Who shall then escape and say, I can my selfe excuse? 4 But, Lord, thou art mercifull, and turnst to us thy grace: That we with hearts most carefull should feare before thy face. 5 In God I put my whole trust, my soule waites on his will: For his promise is most just, and I hope therein still. 6 My soule to God hath regard, wishing for him alway, Much then they that watch and ward to see the dawning day. 7 Let Israel then boldly, in the Lord put his trust: He is that God of mercy, that his deliver must. 8 For he it is that must save Israel from his sin: And all such as surely have their confidence in him. Scripture: Psalm 130 Tune Title: [Lord to thee I make my mone]

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