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The Spirit came, as promised

Hymnal: Church Family Worship #314 (1988) Meter: Hymnal Title: Church Family Worship

The Spirit came, as promised

Hymnal: Church Hymnal, Fifth Edition #313 (2000) Hymnal Title: Church Hymnal, Fifth Edition

The Spirit came, as promised

Author: J. E. Seddon (1915-1983) Hymnal: Hymns for Today's Church (2nd ed.) #244 (1987) Meter: D Hymnal Title: Hymns for Today's Church (2nd ed.) Topics: God, Spirit Breath of Life; Epiphany 4, Revelation The New Temple; Pentecost The Holy Spirit; Pentecost 9 The Whole Armour of God Tune Title: ELLACOMBE

The Spirit Came, As Promised

Author: James E. Seddon Hymnal: Psalter Hymnal (Gray) #418 (1987) Meter: Hymnal Title: Psalter Hymnal (Gray) First Line: The Spirit came as promised Lyrics: 1 The Spirit came, as promised, in God's appointed hour; and now to each believer he comes in love and power. And by his Holy Spirit, God seals us as his own, and through the Son and Spirit makes access to his throne. 2 The Spirit makes our bodies the temple of the Lord. He binds us all together in faith and true accord. The Spirit in his greatness brings power from God above, and with the Son and Father dwells in our hearts in love. 3 He bids us live together in unity and peace; employ his gifts in blessing, and let base passions cease. We should not grieve the Spirit by open sin or shame, nor let our words and actions deny his holy name. 4 The word, the Spirit's weapon, will bring all sin to light; and prayer, by his directing, will give new joy and might. Be filled then with his Spirit, live out God's will and word; rejoice with hymns and singing, make music to the Lord. Topics: Pentecost and Holy Spirit; Holy Spirit; Pentecost Scripture: 1 Corinthians 6:19 Languages: English Tune Title: BEFIEHL DU DEINE WEGE

The Spirit came, as promised

Hymnal: Sing Glory #450 (1999) Meter: Hymnal Title: Sing Glory

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