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The wedding guests were waiting, but all the wine was gone

Hymnal: Community of Christ Sings #37 (2013) Hymnal Title: Community of Christ Sings Tune Title: SIGNS TODAY

The Wedding Guests Were Waiting

Author: Mary Nelson Keithahn Hymnal: Time Now to Gather #13 (1999) Meter: D Hymnal Title: Time Now to Gather Lyrics: The wedding guests were waitingbut all the wine was gone,so Mary went to Jesus,"Please help our friends, my son."Then Jesus said, "Bring water."He turned it into wine,and thus revealed his power.It was the first great sign.The father was a Gentile,a Roman soldier too,an enemy and strangerto any faithful Jew,but still he begged of Jesus,"Come heal my dying boy.""Believe in me, " said Jesus."He lives to bring you joy."When everyone was hungryand no one seemed to care,a boy came forward, smiling,"I have this food to share."He gave his bread to Jesus,his fish, though they were small.Then Jesus blessed his offering,and lo, it fed them all!A mother shows compassion,a father trusts God's way,a child finds joy in sharing--such are the signs todaythat Christ still lives among usand through love's faithful deeds,works miracles and wondersto meet our deepest needs. Topics: Jesus Healing; Jesus Miracles; Women in the Bible Mary Scripture: John 4:46-54 Languages: English Tune Title: SIGNS TODAY

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