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Thee, in the watches of the night

Author: Montgomery Hymnal: A Collection of Hymns #169 (1859) Hymnal Title: A Collection of Hymns

Thee, in the watches of the night

Author: James Montgomery Hymnal: Sacred Poems and Hymns #213 (1854) Meter: Hymnal Title: Sacred Poems and Hymns Lyrics: Thee, in the watches of the night, My spirit would adore, 213 O God! in darkness, as in light, Defend me evermore. Yet not in Providence alone, In grace, Thyself impart; Erect Thy temple, fix Thy throne, Rule Thou within my heart. The morn and evening sacrifice, The noon and midnight prayer, I know that Thou wilt not despise, When meekly offer'd there. Though heaven and earth Thy presence fill. Thou surely art, O Lord, With Him who loves and does Thy will, Who hears and keeps Thy word. Henceforth be this the aim and end Of all my life below,-- Till to the tomb my dust descend, To Thee my spirit go. Languages: English

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