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"'Tis I; Be not Afraid"

Publication Date: 1884Author: Nathaniel NilesHymnal: Joyful Lays #105aHymnal Title: Joyful LaysFirst Line: "'Tis I; be not afraid"Lyrics: 1 “’Tis I; be not afraid,”— Tho' dark the day, Strength, when in duty laid, Drives fear away; Safe by the Lord I stand, Holding His almighty hand. Hear His divine command— Hear, and obey. 2 Into this heart of mine, Where Thou dost see, Put Thou a strength divine, To grow like Thee; A gentle voice on high Always answers when I cry, “No loving soul shall die, Weak though it be.” 3 Rise, then, O fainting soul, With glad surprise; Let endless praises roll Up to the skies; All fear of death is past; Safe in Jesus’ love at last, Weakness aside is cast, Strength He supplies.Scripture: Matthew 14:31Tune Title: [Tis I; be not afraid]

"'Tis I; be not afraid"

Publication Date: 1890Author: Nathaniel NilesHymnal: Our Song Book #156aHymnal Title: Our Song Book First Line: "'Tis I; be not afraid"

Be Not Afraid

Publication Date: 1911Author: B. E. W.Hymnal: Select Hymns #292Hymnal Title: Select HymnsFirst Line: Be not afraid, 'tis I, 'tis IRefrain First Line: Be not afraid, 'tis ITune Title: [Be not afraid, 'tis I, 'tis I]

Be Not Afraid

Author: B. E. W.Hymnal: Timeless Truths #290Meter: with refrainHymnal Title: Timeless TruthsFirst Line: "Be not afraid, 'tis I, 'tis IRefrain First Line: “Be not afraid, ’tis ILyrics: 1 “Be not afraid, ’tis I, ’tis I, Though the storm rages wild; In thy sore need I’m passing by, Off’ring to help thee, hear thy cry— Be of good cheer, My child.” Refrain: “Be not afraid, ’tis I, Be not afraid, ’tis I”; Though wild winds blowing, My bark o’erflowing, God rules in earth and sky: “Be not afraid, ’tis I, Be not afraid, ’tis I”; The storm can’t harm my trusting soul, For Jesus walks the waves that roll; His voice I hear, which calms my fear, “ ’Tis I, be not afraid.” 2 Be not afraid, ’mid pressing foes, Jesus is watching near; He all thy deepest sorrow knows, Walked every step thy pathway goes; Trust Him, then; do not fear. [Refrain] 3 Be not afraid, He knows thy heart, And He doth care for thee; Of all thy grief He shares a part, Stands by thy side, He’ll not depart, If thou wilt faithful be. [Refrain] 4 Be not afraid, O helpless one, Trust in His boundless grace; Say from the heart, “Thy will be done, Finish the work Thou hast begun, Bring me to see Thy face.” [Refrain]Scripture: John 6:18-20Tune Title: [Be not afraid, 'tis I , 'tis I]

Be Not Afraid

Publication Date: 1907Author: B. E. W.Hymnal: Truth in Song #120Hymnal Title: Truth in SongFirst Line: Be not afraid, 'tis I, 'tis IRefrain First Line: Be not afraid, 'tis ITopics: Comfort; EncouragementLanguages: EnglishTune Title: [Be not afraid, 'tis I, 'tis I]