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Beautiful Light

Author: George L. BrownHymnal: The Ark of Praise #85 (1882)Hymnal Title: The Ark of PraiseFirst Line: Beautiful light, holy and trueRefrain First Line: I am the Light, I am the WayLyrics: 1 Beautiful Light, Holy and true, Shining for me, Shining for you; Star of the morn, Brighter than Day.— “I am the Light, I am the Way.” Refrain: I am the Light, I am the Way, He that hath me Never will stray, I am the Life, I am the Door, Enter and live Forevermore. 2 Beautiful Way, Holy and free, Cast up for you, Cast up for me; Walk in the Way Narrow and straight, You it will lead To the bright gate. [Refrain] 3 Beautiful Life, Holy is he, Living for you, Living for me; Dwelling in him Mortals are blest, Perfect in love, Peaceful in rest. [Refrain]Tune Title: [Beautiful light, holy and true]

I am the Light, I am the Way

Author: G. L. B.Hymnal: The Emory Hymnal #172 (1887)Hymnal Title: The Emory HymnalFirst Line: Beautiful Light, Holy and true