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Surrexit Dominus vere (Jesus the Lord, has risen)

Publication Date: 2005Author: Taize CommunityHymnal: Church Hymnary (4th ed.) #794Hymnal Title: Church Hymnary (4th ed.)First Line: Surrexit Dominus vere (Jesus the Lord, has risen)Topics: Short Songs; Christ Risen Resurrection and Exaltation; Christian Year Easter; Jesus resurrectionScripture: Isaiah 33:17Languages: LatinTune Title: [Surrexit Dominus vere)

Surrexit Dominus Vere II

Publication Date: 1994Author: Taize CommunityHymnal: Gather Comprehensive #428Hymnal Title: Gather ComprehensiveFirst Line: Surrexit Dominus vereScripture: Matthew 28:5-6Languages: LatinTune Title: [Surrexit Dominus vere]

Surrexit Dominus vere II (Jesus, the Lord, Is Risen)

Publication Date: 1998Hymnal: Taizé #36Hymnal Title: TaizéFirst Line: Surrexit Dominus vere (Jesus, the Lord, is risen)Languages: English; LatinTune Title: [Surrexit Dominus vere]