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Du fonds de ma pensée (Uit diepten van ellenden)

Hymnal: Adoru kantante #121 (1971) Hymnal Title: Adoru kantante First Line: El la mizerprofundo mi vokas Languages: Esperanto Tune Title: AU FORT DE MA DÉTRESSE
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O living Bread from heaven

Hymnal: Christian Hymns #242 (1898) Meter: 7.6 Hymnal Title: Christian Hymns Lyrics: 1 O living Bread from heaven, How hast Thou fed Thy guest! The gifts Thou now hast given Have filled my heart with rest. O wondrous food of blessing, O cup that heals our woes! My heart, this gift possessing, With thankful song o'erflows. 2 My Lord, Thou here hast led me Within Thy holiest place, And there Thyself hast fed me With treasures of Thy grace: And Thou hast freely given What earth could never buy,-- The bread of life from heaven, That now I shall not die. 3 Thou gavest all I wanted, The food can death destroy; And Thou hast freely granted The cup of endless joy. Ah, Lord, I do not merit The favor Thou hast shown, And all my soul and spirit Bow down before Thy throne. 4 Lord, grant me that, thus strengthened With heavenly food, while here My course on earth is lengthened, I serve with holy fear: And when Thou callest my spirit To leave this world below, I enter, through Thy merit, Where joys unmingled flow. Topics: Christ Bread; Christian Joy; Light., prayed for; Serving Christ; The Lord's Supper; Word of God Languages: English Tune Title: TO THEE, O GOD, I CRY
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O Word of God incarnate

Hymnal: Christian Hymns #243 (1898) Meter: 7.6 Hymnal Title: Christian Hymns Lyrics: 1 O Word of God incarnate, O Wisdom from on high, O Truth unchanged, unchanging, O Light of our dark sky! We praise thee for the radiance That from the hallowed page, A lamp unto our footsteps, Shines on from age to age. 2 The Church from her dear Master Received the gift divine, And still that light she lifteth O'er all the earth to shine. It is the golden casket Where gems of truth are stored; It is the heaven-drawn picture Of Christ, the living Word. 3 It floateth like a banner Before God's host unfurled; It shineth like a beacon Above the darkling world; It is the chart and compass That o'er life's surging sea, 'Mid mists and rocks and quicksands, Still guides, O Christ, to Thee. 4 O make Thy Church, dear Saviour, A lamp of burnished gold, To bear before the nations Thy true light as of old; O teach Thy wandering pilgrims By this their path to trace, Till, clouds and darkness ended, They see Thee face to face. Languages: English Tune Title: TO THEE, O GOD, I CRY
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If God Himself be for me

Author: Paul Gerhardt; Richard Massie Hymnal: Church Book #424 (1890) Meter: 7.6 Hymnal Title: Church Book Lyrics: 1 If God Himself be for me, I may a host defy; For when I pray, before me My foes confounded fly. If Christ, the Head, befriend me, If God be my support, The mischief they intend me Shall quickly come to naught. 2 I build on this foundation, That Jesus and His Blood Alone are my salvation, My true, eternal good: Without Him, all that pleases Is valueless on earth: The gifts I ow to Jesus Alone my love are worth. 3 His Holy Spirit dwelleth Within my willing heart, Tames it when it rebelleth, And soothes the keenest smart. He crown His work with blessing, And helpeth me to cry "My Father!" without ceasing To Him who reigns on high. 4 To mine His Spirit speaketh Sweet words of soothing power, How God to him that seeketh For rest, hath rest in store. How God Himself prepareth My heritage and lot, And though my body weareth, My heaven shall fail me not. Topics: The Christian Life Trust; Easter Season, Fifth Sunday; Easter Season, Sixth Sunday; Whit-Sunday; Twenty First Sunday after Trinity Languages: English Tune Title: OLD 130TH PSALM

Light of the minds that know him

Author: Timothy Dudley-Smith, b. 1926; St Augustine of Hippo, 354-430 Hymnal: Complete Anglican Hymns Old and New #397 (2000) Meter: Hymnal Title: Complete Anglican Hymns Old and New Topics: The Pilgrim Community; The Serving Community; Years A, B, and C Day of Thanksgiving for Holy Communion Scripture: 2 Corinthians 3:17 Languages: English Tune Title: AU FORT DE MA DÉTRESSE
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Awake! The Watchman Crieth

Author: Frans Michael Franzen, 1772-1847 Hymnal: Hymnal and Order of Service #233 (1901) Meter: D Hymnal Title: Hymnal and Order of Service Lyrics: 1 Awake! the watchman crieth, On Zion's ramparts still! The Lord His grace supplieth, Repent, and heed His will. Life's journey fast is nearing The ever-boundless shore; The hour of death appearing, When time shall be no more. 2 Too late the sinners waken Where morn hath ceased to dawn; Where grace, in time forsaken, Is evermore withdrawn; Where's heard no praying sentence, Nor mercy to implore; For there is no repentance, When time shall be no more. 3 O soul! beyond salvation, See this eternity Of darkness, desolation, And constant agony. The torments none can banish, Nor aught can peace restore; And hope itself shall vanish, When time shall be no more! 4 Awake! the voice still soundeth 'Tis now the accepted hour; The grace of God aboundeth, To save from sin's dread power. Make haste implore Christ's favor, Thy sins confess, and bow Before Thy Lord and Saviour; The accepted time is now. Topics: Repentance Languages: English Tune Title: OLD 130TH PSALM
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Till arf af mina fäder

Author: J. O. Wallin Hymnal: Lutherförbundets Sångbok #S24 (1913) Meter: D Hymnal Title: Lutherförbundets Sångbok Lyrics: 1 Till arf af mina fäder Ej gods och guld jag fått, Men glad min väg betr¨der Och tror min Gud om godt: Ty Fadern öfver alla Är Fader ock för mig, Och honom anbefalla Jag vill min lefnadstig. 2 Hvad mänskor härligt tycka, Är blott fåfånglighet. Jag ej till jordisk lycka, Till himmelsk döpt mig vet. Ac, skörden blifver mycken, Blott nu jag utså vill Och vara i de stycken, Som höra Gudi till. 3 Jag världen icke känner, Men i Guds ord jag sett, Hur Herren sina vänner Ej nånsin öfvergett; Hur trofast och benägen Han deras suckan hört Och påden goda vâgen Dem till sin glädje fört. 4 Mig därtill nåd förunna; Ty, Herre, utom dig Hur skall en yngling kunna Ostraffligt gå sin stig? Hjälp mig til döden b¨ra, Med kraft af Jesu blod, En kristens namn med ära, Mitt kors med tälamod. 5 Så är ej förlägen, Hvad v¨g jag vandra bör: Min frälsare är vägen, Som til Guds rike för. När, lydig Herrens vilja, Jag hvilar vid hand råd, Ej lif, ej död skall skilja Mitt hopp från Jesu nåd. Topics: Bön; Prayer Languages: Swedish Tune Title: OLD 130TH PSALM

Jeg raaber fast, o Herre

Author: Clement Marot; Ambr. Lobwasser; Steen Bilde Hymnal: M. B. Landstads Kirkesalmebog og "Nokre Salmar" ved Professor Dr. E. Blix, samt følgende tillæg #191 (1897) Hymnal Title: M. B. Landstads Kirkesalmebog og "Nokre Salmar" ved Professor Dr. E. Blix, samt følgende tillæg Lyrics: 1 Jeg raaber fast, o Herre, Af dybest Nød til dig. Du vilde naadig være, Og gjerne høre mig! Dit Øre du nedbøie, Naar jeg min Bøn frembær. Merk vel udaf det Høie, Hvad min Beghjæring er! 2 Ak, vil du Agt paa give Den Synd, som vi begaa, Mens vi er her i Live, Hvo kan for dig bestaa? Men den, som det begjærer, Den har du Naade ted, Thi frygter man og ærer Din høie Majestæt. 3 Mig, længes inderlige Ad dig, o Herre sød! Dit Ord, som ei kan svige, Det er min Trøst is Nød; Min Sjæl og Hjerte trænges Til dig med stor Attraa, Ja meer end Vægt'ren længes, At Dagen komme maa. 4 Sig Israel forlade Paa Guds Barmhjertighed, Og paa hans store Naade, Som han saa mangeleed Sit Folk udover øfer, Den fromme Herre Gud, Idet at han dem løser Af Synd op Sorger ud. Topics: Sunday after New Years For Evening; Søndag efter Nyaar Til Aftensang; Omvendelsen; Repentance; Tillid; Trust; Frimodighed og Glæde; Mercy and Joy; Tredie Søndag efter Paaske Til Hoimesse; Third Sunday after Easter High Mass; Almindelig Bededag Til Aftensang; 3 Søndag efter Trefoldigheds Fest Til Aftensang; Third Sunday after Trinity Sunday For Evening Languages: Norwegian Tune Title: [Jeg raaber fast, o Herre]

Out of the Depths of Sadness

Author: Dewey Westra Hymnal: Psalter Hymnal (Blue) #272 (1976) Meter: D Hymnal Title: Psalter Hymnal (Blue) Topics: Hope, Christian; Longing, Spiritual; Waiting upon God ; Watchfulness; Forgiveness of Sins; Preparatory Service; Grace Of God, Of Christ Scripture: Psalm 130 Languages: English Tune Title: CONTRITION
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We Stand In Deep Repentance

Author: Ray Palmer Hymnal: Reformed Press Hymnal #134 (1934) Meter: D Hymnal Title: Reformed Press Hymnal Lyrics: 1 We stand in deep repentance, Before Thy throne of love; O God of grace, forgive us; The stain of guilt remove; Behold us while with weeping We lift our eyes to Thee, And, all our sins subduing, Our Father, set us free. 2 O shouldst Thou from us sinners Withhold Thy grace to guide, Forever we should wander From Thee, and peace, aside; But Thou to spirits contrite Dost light and life impart, That man may learn to serve Thee With thankful, joyous heart. 3 Our souls—on Thee we cast them, Our only refuge Thou! Thy cheering words revive us, When pressed with grief we bow; Thou bear’st the trusting spirit Upon Thy loving breast, And givest all The ransomed A sweet, unending rest. Languages: English Tune Title: CONTRITION


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