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One thing I seek through grace

Hymnal: Bible Songs #33 (1879) Topics: Love for God's House Scripture: Psalm 27:3-5 Tune Title: ZEBULON

Awake, ye saints, awake!

Author: Thomas Cotterill; Elizabeth Scott Hymnal: Book of Worship with Hymns and Tunes #48 (1899) Lyrics: 1 Awake, ye saints, awake! And hail this sacred day; In loftiest songs of praise Your joyful homage pay: Come, bless the day that God hath blest, The type of heaven's eternal rest. 2 On this all-glorious morn The Lord of life arose; He burst the bars of death, And vanquished all our foes: And now He pleads our cause above, And reaps the fruit of all His love. 3 All hail, triumphant Lord! Heaven with hosannas rings, And earth in humbler strains, Thy praise responsive sings: Worthy the Lamb, that once was slain, Through endless years to live and reign! Amen. Topics: Lord's Day Blessings of; Lord's Day Emblem of eternal rest Tune Title: ZEBULON

Awake, ye saints, awake and hail

Author: Thomas Cotterill Hymnal: The New Laudes Domini #57 (1892) Topics: Opening of Service Tune Title: ZEBULON

One sole baptismal sign

Author: George Robinson Hymnal: The National Hymn Book of the American Churches #158 (1893) Topics: Brotherly Love Tune Title: ZEBULON

On What has now been Sown

Author: John Newton, 1725-1807 Hymnal: Hymnal and Order of Service #163 (1901) Lyrics: 1 On what has now been sown, Thy blessing, Lord, bestow; The power is Thine alone To make it spring and grow: Do Thou the gracious harvest raise, And Thou alone shalt have the praise. 2 To Thee our wants are known, From Thee are all our powers, Accept what is Thine own And pardon what is ours; Our praises, Lord, and prayers receive, And to Thy Word a blessing give. 3 Oh! grant that each of us, Who meet before Thee here, May meet together thus, When Thou and Thine appear, And follow Thee to heaven our home; E'en so, Amen, Lord Jesus, come! Amen. Topics: Worship Languages: English Tune Title: ZEBULON

The Spirit asked for

Author: John Burton Jr. (1803— ) Hymnal: Songs of Praise with Tunes #170 (1889) First Line: O Thou that hearest pray'r Scripture: Luke 11:13 Tune Title: ZEBULON

O thou that hearest prayer, attend

Author: John Burton Hymnal: The National Baptist Hymnal #229 (1904) Tune Title: ZEBULON

Rejoice, the Lord is King

Hymnal: Book of Hymns and Tunes, comprising the psalms and hymns for the worship of God, approved by the general assembly of 1866, arranged with appropriate tunes... by authority of the assembly of 1873 #265a (1874) Languages: English Tune Title: ZEBULON

O thou that hearest prayer

Author: John Burton, Jr. (1803-1877) Hymnal: Carmina for the Sunday School and Social Worship #279 (1894) Topics: Teachers' and Prayer Meetings Tune Title: ZEBULON

Deliverance and Restoration

Hymnal: The Psalter #358 (1912) First Line: When in His might the Lord Lyrics: 1 When in His might the Lord Arose to set us free, And Zion was restored From her captivity, In transports then of joy and mirth We praised the Lord of all the earth. 2 The nations saw with fear The might of God displayed, When He at last drew near To give His people aid; Great things for us the Lord has wrought, And gladness to our hearts has brought. 3 Again refresh us, Lord, With Thy reviving love, And be Thy blessing poured In mercy from above; By grace revive our hearts again, As streams refreshed by copious rain. 4 Although with bitter tears The sower bears his seed, When harvest time appears He shall be glad indeed; For they that in the sowing weep Shall yet in joy and gladness reap. Topics: Church Saved by Grace; Missions Influence of; Missions Triumphs of; Prayer For the Church; Reaping; Revival; Seedtime and Harvest Scripture: Psalm 126 Languages: English Tune Title: ZEBULON


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