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Let us with a joyful mind

Publication Date: 1904Author: John MiltonHymnal: The National Baptist Hymnal #19Hymnal Title: The National Baptist HymnalFirst Line: Let us with a joyful mindTune Title: AMADEUS

All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name

Publication Date: 1956Author: Edward Perronet, 1726-1792; John Rippon, 1751-1836Hymnal: Baptist Hymnal 1956 #132Meter: Title: Baptist Hymnal 1956First Line: All hail the power of Jesus' name!Topics: Jesus Christ the Son Praise and AdorationLanguages: EnglishTune Title: CORONATION


Publication Date: 1963Author: Annesley Hermon Mirando (born 1921)Hymnal: The Treasury of Easter Music and music for Passiontide #23Hymnal Title: The Treasury of Easter Music and music for PassiontideFirst Line: On Calvary, There on the CrossTune Title: [On Calvary, There on the Cross]

Look from thy sphere of endless day

Publication Date: 1963Hymnal: Christian Hymns #60Hymnal Title: Christian HymnsFirst Line: Look from thy sphere of endless dayTune Title: KEDRON

Alleluia! Jesus Lives

Publication Date: 1993Author: Karl B. Garve, 1763-1941; Jane L. Borthwick, 1813-97Hymnal: Christian Worship #153Meter: Title: Christian WorshipFirst Line: Alleluia! Jesus lives!Lyrics: 1 Alleluia! Jesus lives! He is now the living one; From the gloomy house of death Forth the conqueror has gone, Bright foreruner to the skies Of his people, yet to rise. 2 Jesus lives! Let all rejoice; Praise him, ransomed ones of earth. Praise him in a nobler song, Cherubim of heav'nly birth. Praise the Victor-King, whose sway Sin and death and hell obey. 3 Jesus lives! Why do you weep? Why that sad and frequent sigh? He who died our Brother here Lives our Brother still on high, Lives forever to bestow Blessings on his Church below. 4 Jesus lives! And thus, my soul, Life is yours eternally; Joined to him, your living head, Where he is, you too shall be; You with him at his right hand Victor over death shall stand.Topics: Easter; EasterTune Title: FRED TIL BOD

When morning gilds the skies

Publication Date: 1956Author: Edward CaswallHymnal: The Hymnal #58Hymnal Title: The HymnalFirst Line: When morning gilds the skiesTopics: Faith; Morning; Praise; Prayer; Works; World; Adoration and Praise MorningScripture: Psalm 66:1-2Tune Title: LAUDES DOMINI

We Lift Our Voice Rejoicing

Publication Date: 1966Hymnal: Crusader Hymns #14Hymnal Title: Crusader HymnsFirst Line: We lift our voice rejoicingRefrain First Line: We praise Thee, O FatherTune Title: FOURSQUARE

The Spacious Firmament on High

Publication Date: 1941Author: Joseph Addison, 1672-1719Hymnal: Christian Worship #164Hymnal Title: Christian WorshipFirst Line: The spacious firmament on highTopics: God--Creator and RulerTune Title: CREATION

Psalm 25: To You, O Lord (A Ti, Señor)

Publication Date: 2013Author: Ronald F. Krisman; Marty HaugenHymnal: Oramos Cantando = We Pray In Song #35Hymnal Title: Oramos Cantando = We Pray In SongFirst Line: Lord, make me know your ways (En tu verdad, Señor)Refrain First Line: To you, O Lord, I lift my soul (A ti, Señor, levanto mi alma)Topics: Rites of the Church Penance; Rites of the Church Anointing of the Sick; Rites of the Church Funerals; Rites of the Church Funerals (Funerals of Bapitzed Children); Rites of the Church Funerals (Funerals of Unbaptized Children)Scripture: Psalm 25:4-5Languages: Spanish; EnglishTune Title: [Lord, make me know your ways]

Jesus, Lover of my soul

Publication Date: 1897Author: C. WesleyHymnal: The Presbyterian Book of Praise #162aMeter: DHymnal Title: The Presbyterian Book of PraiseFirst Line: Jesus, Lover of my soulTopics: The Christian Life Faith, Penitence and ConfessionScripture: 1 Timothy 4:10Languages: EnglishTune Title: HOLLINGSIDE