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Meter: with refrain
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Composer: Hughes M. HuffmanMeter: with refrainAppears in 3 hymnalsMeter: with refrainTune Key: A Flat MajorUsed With Text: Our God is Mighty, Worthy of All Praising


Composer: Lucy J. Rider; Lee HerringtonMeter: with refrainAppears in 12 hymnalsMeter: with refrainTune Key: F MajorUsed With Text: Come, Every One Who Is Thirsty

[There is a message written in the Word of God for me]

Composer: Beatrice Bush BixlerAppears in 1 hymnal


Composer: H. J. Gauntlett, 1805-76Appears in 55 hymnalsTune Key: G MajorUsed With Text: Brief life is here our portion

[In your pathway have you found some cruel thorns?]

Composer: Daniel O. TeasleyMeter: with refrainAppears in 3 hymnalsMeter: with refrainTune Sources: Timeless Truths (http://library.timelesstruths.org/music/Jesus_Knows); Faith Publishing House, Evening Light Songs, 1949, edited 1987 (176); The Gospel Trumpet Company, Select Hymns, 1911 (314)Tune Key: G MajorUsed With Text: Jesus Knows

[Tis but a veil that hangs between]

Composer: Chas. Edw. PollockAppears in 1 hymnal

[Who'll be the next to follow Jesus?]

Composer: Robert LowryAppears in 16 hymnalsTune Key: B Flat MajorIncipit: 55555U13(2)15667U1D7


Composer: Joan Larie SuttonMeter: with refrainAppears in 2 hymnalsMeter: with refrainTune Key: G MajorUsed With Text: Seguir a Cristo Não É Sacrifício