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Go and dig my grave today!

Author: Catherine Winkworth; Ernst Moritz Arndt Meter: Appears in 5 hymnals Lyrics: Go and dig my grave today! Weary of my ceaseless roaming, Now from earth I pass away, Heav'nly peace awaits my coming, Angel voices from above Call me to their rest and love. Go and dig my grave today! Homeward now my journey tendeth, And I lay my staff away Here where all earth's labour endeth, And I lay my weary head In the only painless bed. What is there I yet should do If in this dark vale I linger? Proud our schemes, and fair to view, Yet they melt beneath Time's finger Like the sand before the wind, That no power of man can bind. Farewell, earth, then! I am glad That I now in peace may leave thee, For thy very joys are sad, And thy hopes do but deceive thee; Fleeting is thy beauty's gleam, False and changing as a dream. Sun and moon and stars so bright, Farewell all your golden splendour! Here I loved you, but your light Gladly will I now surrender, For the glories of that day Where ye all must fade away. Farewell, O ye friends I love! Though awhile ye journey grieving, Comfort cometh from above To the hearts in Christ believing; Weep not o'er a passing show, To th' eternal world I go. Weep not that the world I leave, Mourn not that I am exchanging Errors that here closely cleave, Empty ghosts and shadows ranging Through this world of nought and night, For a land of truth and light. Weep not! dearest to my heart Is my Saviour, He doth cheer me; And I know that I have part In his pains, and He is near me; For He shed His precious blood For the whole world's highest good. Weep not, my Redeemer lives! From the dust, Hope ever vernal Looks to Heaven and upward strives; Fearless Faith and Love eternal Now are softly whispering nigh, "Child of God, fear not to die!"

Go and let my grave be made

Author: E. M. Arndt Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Lyrics: 1 Go and let my grave be made-- Tired and weary now with straying, Farewell to the earth I've said, Heaven's call to peace obeying: Calls me now the happy rest Of the angels eve blest. 2 Therefore, earth, farewell I say, False the hopes from thee we borrow! Let me now in peace away-- E'en thy very joy is sorrow; Fleeting is thy beauty's glow, Vain deceit and empty show! 3 Fare ye well, beloved friends! Ye whose tears so fast are flowing; God for all will make amends, For our griefs are His bestowing: Mourn not joys that ne'er endure, Heavenly joys alone are sure. 4 Weep not--lo! my Savior there, Mercy to my soul revealing; I, too, have obtained a share In His heart's deep wounds so healing, Whence the holy fountain streamed Which this sinful world redeemed. 5 Weep not--my Redeemer lives-- High above dark earth ascending, Hope her heavenly comfort gives; Faith stands by, her shield extending; Love eternal whispers near, "Child of God, no longer fear." Topics: The Last Things Burial and Resurrection; The Last Things Burial and Ressurection; Resurrection Used With Tune: [Go and let my grave be made]

My dear Jesus I'll not leave

Meter: Appears in 12 hymnals Lyrics: 1 MY dear Jesus I'll not leave, Who for me Himself has given; Therefore, unto Him I'll cleave, Nor from Him be ever driven; Life from Him doth light receive; My dear Jesus I'll not leave. 2 Jesus I will never leave, While on earth I am abiding; My full trust He shall receive; What I have, without dividing, All to Him I freely give; My dear Jesus I'll not leave. 3 Though my eyesight pass away, Hearing, taste and feeling fail me; Though the earth's last light of day Shall o'ertake and sore assail me; E'en when my last sigh I heave My dear Jesus I'll not leave. 4 Nor will I my Jesus leave When at length I shall come thither Where His saints He will receive, That in bliss they live together; Endless joy to me He'll give;-- My dear Jesus I'll not leave. 5 Not for earth's vain joys I crave, Not for heaven's glorious pleasure; Jesus who my soul did save Shall be my Desire and Treasure: He redemption did achieve;-- My dear Jesus I'll not leave. 6 Jesus I shall never leave, To His side still firmly clinging. Christ leads all who Him receive To life's waters ever springing. Blessed they who to Him cleave!-- My dear Jesus I'll not leave. Topics: The Redeemer

Hallelujah! Lo, He Wakes

Author: Emanuel Cronenwett; Benjamin Schmolk Meter: Appears in 7 hymnals First Line: Hallelujah! lo, He wakes! Lyrics: 1 Hallelujah! Lo, He wakes! Lives, o'er death and hell victorious; Earth in awe with trembling quakes As the Hero rises glorious; He who died on Golgotha, Jesus lives, Hallelujah! Jesus lives, Hallelujah! 2 Hallelujah! See the tomb, Ye who o'er His death are pining; Dry your tears, to joy give room, While the radiant sun is shining. Hear the angels' Gloria; Jesus lives, Hallelujah! Jesus lives, Hallelujah! 3 Hallelujah! Why seek ye Yet among the dead the living? Christ is ris'n in majesty! Hence away with gloomy grieving, Join with her of Magdala: Jesus lives, Hallelujah! Jesus lives, Hallelujah! 4 Hallelujah then I cry; Christ too will from death restore me, Take me to His throne on high, Whither He has gone before me. Faith exults: Victoria! Jesus lives, Hallelujah! Jesus lives, Hallelujah! Topics: The Church Year Easter Used With Tune: HALLELUJAH, JESUS LIVES

"Jesus sinners doth receive"

Author: Erdmann Neumeister Meter: Appears in 3 hymnals Lyrics: 1 "Jesus sinners doth receive:" Word of surest consolation; Word all sorrow to relieve, Word of pardon, peace, salvation! Naught like this can comfort give: "Jesus sinners doth receive." 2 On God's grace we have no claim, Yet to us his pledge is given; He hath sworn by his own Name, Open are the gates of heaven. Take to heart this word and live: "Jesus sinners doth receive." 3 When a helpless lamb doth stray, After it, the Shepherd, pressing Thro' each dark and dang'rous way, Brings it back, his own possessing. Jesus seeks thee, O believe: "Jesus sinners doth receive." 4 Oh, how blest it is to know: Were as scarlet my transgression, It shall be as white as snow By thy blood and bitter passion; For these words I now believe: "Jesus sinners doth receive." 5 Now my conscience is at peace, From the Law I stand acquitted; Christ hath purchased my release And my ev'ry sin remitted. Naught remains my soul to grieve — "Jesus sinners doth receive." Amen. Topics: Christ Love and Grace of; Christ Shepherd; The Church The Free Offer of the Gospel; Salvation by Grace Scripture: Luke 15:2 Used With Tune: JESUS NIMMT DIE SÜNDER AN Text Sources: Tr. cento

Jesus Is My Joy, My All

Author: Johan Olof Wallin; Ahasuerus Fritsch Meter: Appears in 3 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Jesus is my Joy, my All, He for me His life hath given; I am His, I hear His call; He hath writ my name in heaven. Earthly treasures pass away; Jesus I will love for aye. 2 Riches, pomp, and earthly joy Cannot tempt my soul from heaven; Gold is mingled with alloy, Bitterness with sweetness given, Riches flee and hopes decay; Jesus' grace abides alway. 3 In my Jesus I am blest, He to pleasant pastures leads me, Stills my soul and gives it rest, And with heavenly manna feeds me. Earthly things must face and fall; Jesus is my Life, my All. 4 Then away, O world! thy joy Leads the soul to grief and sorrow; Death is found in sin's employ Fears to-day, regrets to-morrow. Jesus only satisfies; Jesus points me to the skies! Amen. Topics: Way of Salvation Sanctification; Lent, Fifth Sunday; Third Sunday after Easter; Names and Office of Christ Joy; Names and Office of Christ Life; Names and Office of Christ Our All; Christ, the Life Used With Tune: JESUS ALLT MITT GODA ÄR

Rosy dawn, with locks of gold

Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Lyrics: Rosy dawn, with locks of gold, Looks upon the world awaking; For the day by prophets told, Lo, in beauty now is breaking, And the Christ is come to earth: Hail, all hail His wondrous birth. Minstrels from the realms of light, Bend to earth to sing His praises, For, from depth to highest height, God our fallen race upraises; Now the Christ is come to earth, Hail, all hail His wondrous birth. Go to Bethlehem, wanderers lone, Seek the Christ, for whom such glory Flashing from the heavenly throne Floods with light the ancient story: For the Christ is come to earth, Hail, all hail His wondrous birth. 44 There, in weakness see Him lie, Cradled where His mother laid Him, Who, by minstrels from the sky, Hath immortal honours paid Him; See the God-man come to earth, Hail, all hail His wondrous birth. King Immortal! treasures rare, Gifts of heart and life we bring Thee; Hearts and voices everywhere, More than gold--their praises bring Thee; Thou, O Christ, art come to earth, Hail, all hail Thy wondrous birth.

Jesus! Shall The Watchword Be

Author: Benjamin Schmolck; James D. Burns Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Lyrics: 1 Jesus! shall the watchword be, For the year that is before us us; Jesus’ name the world shall see As the banner waving o’er us— Over all who Him obey, And are walking in His way. 2 Jesus’ name and Jesus’ grace We in Zion are confessing, And whene’er we seek the place Where that name commands the blessing, There we shall His glory see, There the heart His temple be. 3 With that name upon our lips, We will go where’er He guide us; With that star before our steps Nothing evil can betide us. Bright will be each hour and place With the sunshine of His grace. 4 Through that name our fiery pains Grow a purifying ordeal, And our bitterest cup contains, Through its power a wholesome cordial. Jesus’ name is sun and shield, And will endless solace yield! Used With Tune: SAXONY Text Sources: Tr.: Published posthumously in Memoir and Remains of the Rev. James D. Burns, M. A. of Hampstead by James Hamilton (London: J. Nisbet, 1869)

Praise The Lord That He Has Built

Author: J. C. Aaberg Meter: Appears in 3 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Praise the Lord that He has built Here on earth a sanctuary, Where the soul, oppress'd by guilt, Safe beneath His wings may tarry, While His mercy love and grace All its guilty stains efface. 2 Built upon the rock it stands Firmly through the passing ages, Heeding not the world's demands, Nor the storm that round it rages, But to souls with cares replete It remains a blest retreat. 3 There the wounded hearts are heal'd, Grace to yearning souls imparted, Light to sightless eyes reveal'd, Strength renew'd in feeble-hearted, So that souls from weakness prone Grow like trees in Lebanon. 4 Send us, Lord, Thy Spirit's dove, Open wide Thy living fountain, Deck Thine altar with Thy love, Teach us from Thy holy mountain, Shield us all beneath Thy wing Till, at home, Thy praise we sing. Topics: The Church Used With Tune: [Praise the Lord that He has built]

Redentor precioso, ven

Author: Johann Gottfried Olearius; Albert Lehenbauer Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal


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