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William Holmes

Meter: D Translator of "Han, Ate maḣpiyata un (Through the night of doubt and sorrow)" in Wakan Cekiye Odowan

W. Ross McMeans

1888 - 1955 Meter: D Author of "The Land Above" in The Cyber Hymnal

A. Hovden

Meter: D Author of "Help Me, Lord, By Thy Great Power" in American Lutheran Hymnal

Paul S. Jones

b. 1969 Meter: D Composer of "KIMARSONEVY" in Hymns to the Living God

Gary Hopkins

b. 1984 Person Name: Gary Hopkins, b. 1984 Meter: D Author of "Thanks for friends who keep on loving" in Singing the Faith

Andrew T. Murphy

b. 1981 Person Name: Andrew T. Murphy, b. 1981 Meter: D Author of "In the wonder of creation" in Singing the Faith

Jean E. Wood-Kobert

Meter: D Harmonizer of "GREENCASTLE" in Chalice Hymnal

Paul Chappel

b. 1967 Meter: D Author of "Love, the Thread of Quilted Kindness" in New Hymns of Hope

Jim Miller

Meter: D Author of "Christians All, Your Lord Is Coming" in Chalice Hymnal

O. I. Cricket Harrison

b. 1955 Meter: D Author of "Restless Weaver" in Chalice Hymnal


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