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Who knows how near my life's expended?

Author: Emilie Juliane of Schwartzburg-Rudolstadt Meter: Appears in 8 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Who knows how near my life's expended? Time flies, and death is hasting on, How soon, my term of trial ended Death may be here and life be gone. My God, for Jesus' sake, I pray Thy peace may bless my dying day. 2 My many sins! O veil them over With merits of Thy dying Son! I here Thy richest grace discover, Here find I peace, and here alone; My God, for Jesus' sake, I pray thy peace may bless my dying day. 3 His bleeding wounds give me assurance That Thy free mercy will abide; Here strength I find for death's endurance, And hope for all I need beside: My God, for Jesus' sake, I pray Thy peace may bless my dying day. 4 Naught shall my soul from Jesus sever, Nor life, nor death; things high nor low; I take Him as my Lord forever, My future trust, as He is now; My God, for Jesus' sake, I pray Thy peace may bless my dying day. Topics: Children's Service Preparation for Death; The Last Things Preparation for Death Used With Tune: [Who knows how near my life's expended?]

Ajar the Temple Gates Are Swinging

Author: Frans Mikael Franzen Meter: Appears in 2 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Ajar the temple gates are swinging, Lo! still the grace of God is free. Perhaps when next the bells are ringing The grave shall open unto thee, And thou art laid beneath the sod No more to see this house of God. 2 But if to-day the Lord thou seekest, His blessed gospel to embrace, He who gives strength unto the weakest Shall fill thy heart with truth and grace. In life He will thy footsteps guide, In death He still is at thy side. 3 O come to-day, and do not reckon Upon the day that is not thine. The Lord in mercy still doth beckon: Accept to-day His grace divine. Then shall thy prayers and praises rise A sacred incense to the skies. Amen. Topics: Way of Salvation Invitation to Repentance Used With Tune: WER WEISS, WIE NAHE MIR MEIN ENDE

My Truest Friend Abides In Heaven

Author: H. Brueckner; Benjamin Schmolk, 1672-1737 Meter: Appears in 3 hymnals Lyrics: 1 My truest Friend abides in heaven; On earth our friends are rare and few; The world no proof to me hath given Of friendship constant, firm and true. And so my soul doth here contend That Jesus is my truest Friend. 2 Men in their friendship often falter, But Jesus like a rock doth stand; Tho' storms of woe my fortune alter, He holds me firmly by the hand; He is my stay till life doth end: My Jesus is my truest Friend. 3 For me He suffers crucifixion. For me He sheds His precious blood; He comforts me in my affliction, His counsels all are wise an good; Upon His word I may depend: He is indeed my truest Friend. 4 My Friend, such faithful love possessing, My Friend, whose own I am for aye, My Friend, so tender and caressing, Beyond the grave my Friend will stay. May I not then in truth contend That Jesus is my truest Friend? Topics: Savior Used With Tune: HEAVENLY FRIEND

God's Mighty Wonders

Author: Nils Frykman; Andrew L. Skoog; Andrew T. Frykman Meter: Appears in 5 hymnals First Line: Our mighty God works mighty wonders Lyrics: 1. Our mighty God works mighty wonders— What joy, to seem them all around! Men’s idols fall before His thunders, Their altars crumbling to the ground. He breaks the fetters, frees the slaves, His fallen children still He saves. 2. His mighty Word goes forth to conquer, Its power destroys the forts of doubt. The warriors bold yield up their armor To Him who will not cast them out. They cleansing find in Jesus’ blood And laud and magnify our God. 3. Behold the host of brethren nearing The gates of Heav’n with mighty tread, With banners waving, singing, cheering, They hail in joy their Royal Head; And many more shall own His reign, His wondrous love the victory gain. 4. O God, be praised! the day is nearing, When to our ears a voice shall come, Look up, the Lord is now appearing, To gather all His loved ones home! O blessèd day of jubilee! For thee I wait! I wait for thee! Used With Tune: CELEBRATION Text Sources: Sanningsvitnet, April 13, 1877

O that I had a thousand voices!

Meter: Appears in 25 hymnals Lyrics: 1 O THAT I had a thousand voices! A mouth to speak with thousand tongues! My heart, which in the Lord rejoices, Then would proclaim in grateful songs To all, wherever I might be, What great things God hath done for me. 2 O that my voice might high be sounding, Far as the widely distant poles; My blood run quick, with rapture bounding, Long as its vital current rolls, And every pulse thanksgiving raise, And every breath a hymn of praise! 3 O all ye powers that God implanted, Arise, keep silence thus no more, Put forth the strength that He hath granted, Your noblest work is to adore; My soul and body, make ye meet With heartfelt praise your Lord to greet! 4 Ye forest leaves so green and tender, That dance for joy in summer air; Ye meadow grasses bright and slender, Ye flowers so wondrous sweet and fair; Ye live to show His praise alone, Help me to make His glory known! 5 O all things that have breath and motion, That throng with life, earth, sea, and sky, Now join me in my heart's devotion, Help me to raise His praises high; My utmost powers can ne'er aright Declare the wonders of His might. 6 Dear Father, endless praise I render For soul and body strangely joined; I praise Thee, Guardian kind and tender, For all the noble joys I find So richly spread on every side, And freely for my use supplied. 7 What equal praises can I offer, Dear Jesus, for Thy mercy shown? What pangs, my Savior, didst Thou suffer, And thus for all my sins atone! Thy death alone my soul could free From Satan, to be blest with Thee. 8 Honor and praise, still onward reaching, Be Thine too, Spirit of all grace, Whose holy power and faithful teaching Give me among Thy saints a place: Whate'er of good in me may shine Comes only from Thy light divine. 9 Who grants abundant gifts to bless me? Who, but Thyself, O God of love? Who guards my ways lest fears oppress me? 'Tis Thou, Lord God of hosts, above! And when my sins Thy wrath provoke, Thy patience, Lord, forbears the stroke. 10 I kiss the rod, too, unrepining, When God His chastening makes me feel, My graces call for His refining, The trial works no lasting ill: It purifies and makes it known That He regards me as a son. 11 In life I often have discovered, With gratitude and glad surprise, When clouds of sorrows o'er me hovered, God sent from them my best supplies: In troubles He is ever near, And shows me all a Father's care. 12 Why not, then, with a faith unbounded, Forever in His love confide? Why not, with earthly griefs surrounded, Rejoicing still in hope abide? Until I reach that blissful home Where doubt and sorrow never come? 13 No more low vanities regarding, To Thee, in whom I find my rest, I cry--my inmost soul according,-- "My God, Thou art the Highest, Best; Strength, honor, praise, and thanks, and power Be Thine, both now and evermore!" 14 Lord, I will tell, while I am living, Thy goodness forth with every breath, And greet each morning with thanksgiving, Until my heart is still in death; Yea, when at last my lips grow cold, Thy praise shall in my sighs be told. 15 O Father, deign Thou, I beseech Thee, To listen to my earthly lays; A nobler strain in heav'n shall reach Thee, When I with angels hymn Thy praise, And learn amid their choirs to sing Loud hallelujahs to my King. Topics: Praise

Unto the Lord of All Creation

Author: Arivd August Afzelius Meter: Appears in 5 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Unto the Lord of all creation Thy voice, my soul, in anthems raise. Let ev'ry heart a fit oblation Bring unto Him with songs of praise. O contemplate in humbleness The pow'r and riches of his grace. 2 In Him we live and have our being; And all the hosts of heav'n and earth The living God, all-wise, all-seeing, Thro' His own Spirit brought to birth. His holy Name, writ in His Word, Thro' all the universe is heard. 3 The Lord who laid the earth's foundation, And for the stars their course decreed, Whose hand hath ordered all creation, Provideth for our every need; For God is Love: the Father's care His smallest child shall duly share. 4 From out the gloom mine eye descrieth The Maker's footprints in the sky; the starry chorus testifieth To His eternal majesty; While on my path each tiny flower Proclaims His glory and His power. 5 Into Thy hand, O God Almighty, My weal and woe I will entrust; My need Thou seest who takest pity On every worm that crawls the dust. In pleasure's path or sorrow's way Be Thou my Guide, O Lord, I pray. 6 And when the morning star appeareth, Thy grace, Thy glory we proclaim; When falls the dew, and evening neareth, O Lord, we call upon Thy Name. Upon Thy mercy we rely, Father, Creator, God on high. Amen. Topics: Worship Prayer and Praise; Thanksgiving; Providence; Faith and Trust; Creator and Creation; Names and Office of Christ King; A Day of Thanksgiving or a Harvest Festival; Epiphany, Second Sunday; Advent, Second Sunday; Worship Prayer and Praise Scripture: Psalm 19 Used With Tune: WIE WEISS, WIE NAHE MIR MEIN ENDE

Give Me, O Lord, A Spirit Lowly

Author: M. Loy Meter: Appears in 4 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Give me, O Lord, a spirit lowly, That seeks to praise Thy name alone; Let faith make all my conduct holy And love in all my life be shown; Tame Thou whate'er in me is wild And own me always as Thy child. 2 Let me not aim beyond my measure, But in my place be still content; To do Thy will be all my pleasure, For this let all my life be spent; And if my duties lowly be, Let this suffice,--they honor Thee! Topics: The Christian Life Service Used With Tune: RUDOLSTADLT

The Messages of the Doves

Author: F. R. Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal First Line: The messengers tap on the windows Lyrics: 1 The messengers tap on the windows, The windows of the soul; They carry this news from our Savior, “I died that ye might be made whole.” 2 The messengers tap on the windows, And beat their wings on the bars; They carry this news to the sinner, “You can be as bright as the stars.” 3 The messengers tap on the windows, Three times they come and they go; Jesus saith, “Though your sins be as scarlet, Trust Me, I will make them like snow.” 4 The messengers tap on the windows; “Behold, I freely forgive; Whosoever will come, let him do so, Partake of salvation and live.” 5 The messengers tap on the windows; Sweet peace from our Savior they bring; Sweet peace which is past understanding— The window’s now open; come in. Topics: Invitation Scripture: Revelation 3:20 Used With Tune: [The messengers tap on the windows] Text Sources: Timeless Truths (http://library.timelesstruths.org/music/The_Messages_of_the_Doves)

O, ry Raiko Izay mpandahatra (O, my Father who leads my life)

Meter: Appears in 2 hymnals Used With Tune: [O my Father who leads my life]


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