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The Church Bell

Author: C. R. Blackall Appears in 3 hymnals First Line: Bim, bome! bim, bome! Rings the church bell from the steeple


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[Bim, bome! bim, bome! Rings the church-bell from the steeple]

Appears in 2 hymnals Composer and/or Arranger: Rev. E. S. Lorenz Incipit: 53536 66666 53252 Used With Text: The Church Bell


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The Church-Bell

Author: C. R. Blackall Hymnal: The Master's Praise #107 (1892) First Line: Bim, bome! bim, bome! Rings the church-bell from the steeple Languages: English Tune Title: [Bim, bome! bim, bome! Rings the church-bell from the steeple]

Bim, bome, bim bome, rings the churchbell from the

Author: C. R. Blackall Hymnal: Gems for the Little Ones #d4 (1879) Languages: English
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The Church Bell

Author: C. R. Blackall Hymnal: Special Songs and Services #72 (1893) First Line: Bim, bome! bim, bome! Rings the church-bell from the steeple Languages: English Tune Title: [Bim, bome! bim, bome! Rings the church-bell from the steeple]


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Edmund S. Lorenz

1854 - 1942 Person Name: Rev. E. S. Lorenz Composer of "[Bim, bome! bim, bome! Rings the church-bell from the steeple]" in Special Songs and Services Pseudonymns: John D. Cresswell, L. S. Edwards, E. D. Mund, ==================== Lorenz, Edmund Simon. (North Lawrence, Stark County, Ohio, July 13, 1854--July 10, 1942, Dayton, Ohio). Son of Edward Lorenz, a German-born shoemaker who turned preacher, served German immigrants in northwestern Ohio, and was editor of the church paper, Froehliche Botschafter, 1894-1900. Edmund graduated from Toledo High School in 1870, taught German, and was made a school principal at a salary of $20 per week. At age 19, he moved to Dayton to become the music editor for the United Brethren Publishing House. He graduated from Otterbein College (B.A.) in 1880, studied at Union Biblical Seminary, 1878-1881, then went to Yale Divinity School where he graduated (B.D.) in 1883. He then spent a year studying theology in Leipzig, Germany. He was ordained by the Miami [Ohio] Conference of the United Brethren in Christ in 1877. The following year, he married Florence Kumler, with whom he had five children. Upon his return to the United States, he served as pastor of the High Street United Brethren Church in Dayton, 1884-1886, and then as president of Lebanon Valley College, 1887-1889. Ill health led him to resign his presidency. In 1890 he founded the Lorenz Publishing Company of Dayton, to which he devoted the remainder of his life. For their catalog, he wrote hymns, and composed many gospel songs, anthems, and cantatas, occasionally using pseudonyms such as E.D. Mund, Anna Chichester, and G.M. Dodge. He edited three of the Lorenz choir magazines, The Choir Leader, The Choir Herald, and Kirchenchor. Prominent among the many song-books and hymnals which he compiled and edited were those for his church: Hymns for the Sanctuary and Social Worship (1874), Pilgerlieder (1878), Songs of Grace (1879), The Otterbein Hymnal (1890), and The Church Hymnal (1934). For pastors and church musicians, he wrote several books stressing hymnody: Practical Church Music (1909), Church Music (1923), Music in Work and Worship (1925), and The Singing Church (1938). In 1936, Otterbein College awarded him the honorary D.Mus. degree and Lebanon Valley College the honorary LL.D. degree. --Information from granddaughter Ellen Jane Lorenz Porter, DNAH Archives

C. R. Blackall

1830 - 1924 Author of "The Church Bell" Blackall, Christopher Ruby, M.D., born in New York State, 1830, and educated for the medical profession. For 15 years he followed his profession, including service in the army during the civil war. Subsequently he managed, for 14 years, a branch of the Baptist Publication Society, taking at the same time great interest in Sunday School work. He edited the Advanced Bible Lesson Quarterly, for 3 years, and also Our Little Ones. 1. The prize is set before us. Heaven anticipated. This is one of Dr. Blackall's most popular hymns for children. It was written in 1874 for the Sunday School of 2nd Baptist Church, Chicago, Illinois, and set to music by H. R. Palmer. It first appeared in Palmer's Songs of Love for the Bible School, 1874, from whence it has passed into numerous collections, including I. D. Sankey's Sacred Songs and Solos, Lond., 1881. 2. Follow the paths of Jesus. Following Jesus. This is included in the Baptist Hymn [& Tune] Book, Phila., 1871, No. 701. 3. Do the right, never fear. Duty . In W. R. Stevenson's School Hymnal, Lond., 1880, No. 269. -- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)