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Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, Lift my heart to things above

Author: J. Wilbur Chapman Appears in 2 hymnals Hymnal Title: Calvin Hymnary Project


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[Holy Spirit, heavenly dove]

Appears in 2 hymnals Composer and/or Arranger: Robert Harkness Hymnal Title: Victorious Life Hymns Used With Text: The Love of the Spirit


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The Love of the Spirit

Author: Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman Hymnal: Songs of the Assembly #146 (1916) Hymnal Title: Songs of the Assembly First Line: Holy Spirit, heavenly dove Languages: English Tune Title: [Holy Spirit, heavenly dove]
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The Love of the Spirit

Author: M. Croft; Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman, D.D. Hymnal: Victorious Life Hymns #227 (1919) Hymnal Title: Victorious Life Hymns First Line: Holy Spirit, heavenly dove Lyrics: 1 Holy Spirit, Heavenly dove, Lift my heart to things above; Teach me how to do God’s will, In my life His plan fulfil. 2 Holy Spirit, love divine, O’er life’s path Thy radiance shine; Purity my every thought, Help me love Thee as I ought. 3 Holy Spirit, heavenly light, Banish from my mind the night; To my soul best comfort give, In Thy love I long to live. 4 Holy Spirit, gift of power, I will love Thee more and more; Be my never-failing Friend, I will love Thee to the end. Topics: Aspiration; Prayer and Confession Tune Title: [Holy Spirit, heavenly dove]


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J. Wilbur Chapman

1859 - 1918 Hymnal Title: Calvin Hymnary Project Author of "Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, Lift my heart to things above" Rv John Wilbur Chapman DD LLD USA 1859-1918. Born in Richmond, IN, he attended Quaker Day School and Methodist Sunday school. At age 17 he made a public declaration of his Christian faith and joined the Richmond Presbyterian Church. He received his seminary degree from Lane Theoloical Seminary, Cincinnati, OH. He was later awarded a Doctorate in Divinity from the College of Wooster, and an LL.D. from Heidelberg University. In 1882 he married Irene Steddon. They had a daughter. His wife died in 1886. In 1888 he married Agnes Pruyn Strain, and they had four children. His second wife died in 1907. In 1910 he married Mabel Cornelia Moulton. He held six pastorates in OH, IN, NY, PA, NY, NY before becoming an evangelist, generally traveling with gospel singer, Charles Alexander. In 1893 he preached with D. L. Moody. Billy Sunday was one of his disciples on the circuit. In 1895 he was appointed Corresponding Secretary of the Presbyterian General Assembly's Committeee on Evangelism, overseeing activities of 51 evangelists in 470 cities. He developed campaign tactics to maximize evangelical successes, trying them first in Pittsburgh, then Syracuse. With funding from philanthropist, John H. Converse, a wealthy Presbyterian, Chapman joined with Alexander to launch evangelical campaigns in 1907. He assembled 21 evangelistic teams after that to cover 42 sections of Philadelphia, preaching for several weeks. 8000 conversions resulted. They repeated this in NC. In 1909 they started a worldwide campaign in Vancouver, BC, and took in cities in Australia, the Phillipines, China, Korea, and Japan. Chapman also held religious summer conferences at Winona Lake, IN, Montreat, NC, and Long Island, NY. Mass evangelism was losing favor in 1910, so he was back holding large revivals with Alexander in 1912. He was also elected moderator of the Presbyterian Church General Assembly, and under so much stress, he developed gall stones. The surgery was too much, and he died two days later. He was also a prolific writer of religious works and hymn lyrics. 19 works. John Perry

M. Croft

Hymnal Title: Victorious Life Hymns Author of "The Love of the Spirit" in Victorious Life Hymns

Robert Harkness

1880 - 1961 Hymnal Title: Victorious Life Hymns Composer of "[Holy Spirit, heavenly dove]" in Victorious Life Hymns After attending a revival meeting by Reuben Torrey and Charles M. Alexander, Harkness became Alexander’s pianist. He came to Christ shortly thereafter (on a bicycle, he said), and made several round the world tours with Torrey and Alexander. Harkness was especially well known for his program The Music of the Cross, and as the author of correspondence courses in hymn playing. He wrote over 2,000 hymns and Gospel songs in his lifetime. (