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Sweet is the Sabbath of the Lord

Author: J. S. Thorp Appears in 2 hymnals


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Appears in 6 hymnals Composer and/or Arranger: Isaac B. Woodbury Tune Key: F Major or modal Incipit: 21732 45427 11224 Used With Text: Sweet is the Sabbath of the Lord


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Sweet is the Sabbath of the Lord

Author: F. S. Thorp Hymnal: The Seventh-Day Adventist Hymn and Tune Book #221 (1886) Lyrics: 1 Sweet is the Sabbath of the Lord To those who in his law delight; Who love the precepts of his word, And tread the narrow path of right. 2 This holy day Jehovah blessed Ere sorrow, pain, or death were born, And sanctified for man his rest In glad creation's sinless morn. 3 It speaks of him whose wondrous might The heavens and earth from nothing made; Who formed the glorious orbs of light, And the deep sea's foundations laid. 4 Its sacred hours, ye saints of God, Remember with respect and love; And through obedience to his word Your love for your Creator prove. 5 And, when, immortalized we see The treasures of the new earth bright, God's holy Sabbath still shall be A source of blessing and delight. Topics: Worship The Sabbath Tune Title: ALWAY

Sweet is the Sabbath of the Lord

Author: J. S. Thorp Hymnal: Hymns for Use in Divine Worship ... Seventh-Day Adventists #d993 (1886) Languages: English


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I. B. Woodbury

1819 - 1858 Person Name: Isaac B. Woodbury Composer of "ALWAY" in The Seventh-Day Adventist Hymn and Tune Book Woodbury, Isaac Baker. (Beverly, Massachusetts, October 23, 1819--October 26, 1858, Columbia, South Carolina). Music editor. As a boy, he studied music in nearby Boston, then spent his nineteenth year in further study in London and Paris. He taught for six years in Boston, traveling throughout New England with the Bay State Glee Club. He later lived at Bellow Falls, Vermont, where he organized the New Hampshire and Vermont Musical Association. In 1849 he settled in New York City where he directed the music at the Rutgers Street Church until ill-health caused him to resign in 1851. He became editor of the New York Musical Review and made another trip to Europe in 1852 to collect material for the magazine. in the fall of 1858 his health broke down from overwork and he went south hoping to regain his strength, but died three days after reaching Columbia, South Carolina. He published a number of tune-books, of which the Dulcimer, of New York Collection of Sacred Music, went through a number of editions. His Elements of Musical Composition, 1844, was later issued as the Self-instructor in Musical Composition. He also assisted in the compilation of the Methodist Hymn Book of 1857. --Leonard Ellinwood, DNAH Archives

J. S. Thorp

Person Name: F. S. Thorp Author of "Sweet is the Sabbath of the Lord" in The Seventh-Day Adventist Hymn and Tune Book