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George Nelson Allen

1812 - 1877 Composer of "MAITLAND" in The Cyber Hymnal George Nelson Allen (1812-1871), studied at Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Oh OH and with Lowell Mason in Boston. Allen gave a strong musical foundation to Oberlin College in its earliest years; in addition to being Professor of Music he also served as Professor of Geology and Natural History, Secretary and Treasurer. In 1835 he compiled The Oberlin Social and Sabbath Hymn Book, in which appeared his most well known tune MAITLAND (also known as CROSS AND CROWN or WESTERN MELODY) with the text "Must Jesus bear the cross alone?". This was adapted by Thomas A. Dorsey in 1938 for his hymn "Precious Lord, take my hand". hand." He composed anthems and wrote some additional music for Isaac Woodbury's Oratorio "Absalom." He compiled a small 3" x 4" hymnal that every student should keep in his pocket that went through several printings. Mary Louise VanDyke

Roswell F. Cottrell

1814 - 1892 Person Name: Roswell F. Cottrell, 1814-1892 Author of "The Wonders of Redeeming Love" in The Cyber Hymnal Born: Jan­u­a­ry 17, 1814, Brookfield, New York. Died: March 22, 1892, Mill Grove, New York. Buried: West Ridgeway Cemetery, Me­di­na, New York. Cottrell was known as a writ­er, po­et and min­i­s­ter. A mem­ber of the Seventh-day Adventists, he served for a time on the ed­it­or­i­al com­mit­tee of The Re­view and Her­ald in Bat­tle Creek, Mi­chi­gan. As of 1857, he was liv­ing in Mill Grove, New York.

Nathaniel D. Gould

1781 - 1864 Composer of "WOODLAND" in The Church Hymnal Nathaniel Duren Gould 1781-1864. Born in Bedford, MA, into the Duren family, He was musically inclined and attended a singing school when young. He was also a master and teacher of penmanship and engraving. As a conservative music reformer he opened a singing school in 1799. He taught mostly Psalmody singing. He married Sally Andrews Prichard in 1801, and they had eight children: Nathaniel, Augustus, Charles, Mary Ann, (2 unnamed infants that died), Elizabeth and Sarah. He also formed the New Ipswitch military band in 1804 He was conductor of the Middlesex MA Musical Society in 1805. He took the name Gould in 1806 to qualify for an inheritance from an uncle. He taught music in NH and MA in some 115 singing schools over 50+ years and had more than 50,000 students. He also compiled and published music. He authored a number of books, one being “History of church music in America” (1853) about early singing schools. He noted traits and temperaments of many singers, some not really performing for the glory of God. He died in Boston, MA. John Perry

Perry W. Beach

1917 - 1990 Person Name: Perry Beach (1917-1990) Composer of "LA SIERRA" in Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal Perry Wardwell Beach was born in Lincoln, Nebraska on October 24, 1917. He attended San Bernardino Valley College for two years and then attended the University of Nebraska, earning a B.S. in music education in 1939. He received an M.A. in music theory and composition from the Eastman School of Music in 1940 and a Ph.D in 1953. He began teaching at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1940 and was the chair of the music department there. After serving in the Army in World War II, he taught at Emmanuel Missionary College (now Andrews University). In 1957 he accepted a position at La Sierra College which merged with Loma Linda University, to become LLU, La Sierra Campus. He composed numerous works for chorus, solo voices, instrumental ensembles, hymns, a symphony, the oratorio, "Then Said Isaiah," and others. Dianne Shapiro, from biographies written by "ds" and "Dorothy Minchin-Comm" on "The International Adventist Musicians Association" website ( accessed 2-10-2019

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