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Tras el ocaso

Author: Virgil Brock; Speros Demetrios Athans Appears in 3 hymnals Hymnal Title: Calvin Hymnary Project First Line: Tras el ocaso despunta el alba


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Composer: Blanche Kerr de Brock Appears in 27 hymnals Hymnal Title: Himnos de la Iglesia Tune Key: E Flat Major Incipit: 51365 17132 57265 Used With Text: Tras el ocaso


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Tras el Ocaso

Author: Virgil T. Brock; S. D. Athans Hymnal: Himnario Bautista #507 (1978) Hymnal Title: Himnario Bautista First Line: Tras el ocaso despunta el alba Scripture: Romans 8:18 Languages: Spanish Tune Title: BEYOND THE SUNSET

Tras el ocaso

Author: Virgil Brock; Speros Athans Hymnal: Himnos de la Iglesia #438 (1995) Hymnal Title: Himnos de la Iglesia First Line: Tras el ocaso despunta el alba Languages: Spanish Tune Title: BROCK

Tras el ocaso

Author: Virgil P. Brock, 1887-1978; Blanche Kerr Brock, 1888-1958; Speros D. Athans, 1883-1969; Benjamín Alicea-Lugo, b. 1952 Hymnal: Praise y Adoración #96c (2016) Hymnal Title: Praise y Adoración First Line: Tras el ocaso, despunta el alba Topics: Heaven; Cielo


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Virgil P. Brock

1887 - 1978 Person Name: Virgil Brock Hymnal Title: Himnos de la Iglesia Author of "Tras el ocaso" in Himnos de la Iglesia Brock, Virgil Prentiss. (Celina, Mercer County, Ohio, January 6, 1887--March 12, 1978, Rives Junction, Michigan). Son of Orlando H. and Elmira Brock. Education: Fairmount Friends Academy; Earlham College, B.A.; Cleveland Bible Institute and Training School; Trinity College, Honarary D.Sac.Mus. Member of the Quaker (Friends) Fellowship in the early years, but later was an evangelist in the Christian Church with membership in the First Christian Church of Warsaw, Indiana. In 1914, he married Blanche Kerr, who was his co-worker and collaborator for 43 years. They had one son, Dr. James Wilson Brock, professor of theatre at California State University, Northridge. Blanch Brock died January 3, 1958. In 1959, he married Martha Anderson, and they continued in church work until her death in 1969. He pastored several Quaker churches in the early years of his ministry, but most of his life's ministry was given to evangelistic endeavor. He authored more than 500 hymns and gospel songs, and one book, an autobiography, entitled You Asked for It. His two best-known hymns are: "He's a Wonderful Saviour to Me," published in 1918 by the Rodeheaver Co., and "Beyond the Sunset," published in 1936. Other hymns include "Sing and Smile and Pray," "Resting in His Love," "If You Could Know," "Keep Looking Up," "Men of God, Awake, Arise," and "I'll Still Live On." He resided at Winona Lake, Indiana, for many years, and was closely associate with Homer Rodeheaver; most of his hymns were published by the Rodeheaver Company. During the last six years of his life, he lived at Youth Haven Ranch, Rives Junction, Michigan. At the time of his death at 91, he was still being called upon to present programs. He is buried by this first wife in Warsaw-Winona Lake Cemetary, and engraved on the large memorial monument are the words and music of their most famous hymn, "Beyond the Sunset." --Carlton C. Buck, DNAH Archives

Speros Demetrios Athans

1883 - 1969 Person Name: Speros Athans Hymnal Title: Himnos de la Iglesia Translator of "Tras el ocaso" in Himnos de la Iglesia

Blanche Kerr Brock

1888 - 1958 Person Name: Blanche Kerr de Brock Hymnal Title: Himnos de la Iglesia Composer of "BROCK" in Himnos de la Iglesia Born: Feb­ru­a­ry 3, 1888, Greens Fork, In­di­a­na. Died: Jan­u­a­ry 3, 1958, Wi­no­na Lake, In­di­a­na. Buried: War­saw, In­di­a­na. Songwriter and composr Blanche (Kerr) Brock at­tend­ed the In­di­an­a­po­lis Con­ser­va­to­ry of Mu­sic and the Amer­i­can Con­ser­va­to­ry of Mu­sic, in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois. In 1914 she married her husband Virgil Brock. Together they wrote over five hundred songs. One of the most famous songs they wrote was "Beyond The Sunset" others included "He's a Wonderful Savior to Me", "Sing and Smile and Pray", "Resting in His Love", and "Let God Have His Way".


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