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Yo te Busqué, Señor

Author: F. J. Pagura, 1923- Appears in 2 hymnals Hymnal Title: Calvin Hymnary Project First Line: Yo te busqué, Señor mas descubrí Text Sources: The Pilgrim Hymnal, 1904; De Cantico Nuevo, 1968


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Composer: Loys Bourgeois, h. 1510-h. 1561 Appears in 9 hymnals Hymnal Title: Cántico Nuevo Tune Key: e minor or modal Incipit: 31433 66543 Used With Text: Yo Te Busqué, Señor


Composer: Katherine K. Davis, 1892- Appears in 1 hymnal Hymnal Title: Himnario Metodista Tune Key: d minor or modal Used With Text: Yo te Busqué, Señor


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Yo Te Busqué, Señor

Author: anónimo; F. J. Pagura Hymnal: Cántico Nuevo #32 (1962) Hymnal Title: Cántico Nuevo First Line: Yo te busqué, Señor, mas descubrí Languages: Spanish Tune Title: MON DIEU, MON DIEU

Yo te Busqué, Señor

Author: F. J. Pagura, 1923- Hymnal: Himnario Metodista #72 (1973) Hymnal Title: Himnario Metodista First Line: Yo te busqué, Señor mas descubrí Languages: Spanish Tune Title: WACHUSETT


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Person Name: anónimo Hymnal Title: Cántico Nuevo Author of "Yo Te Busqué, Señor" in Cántico Nuevo In some hymnals, the editors noted that a hymn's author is unknown to them, and so this artificial "person" entry is used to reflect that fact. Obviously, the hymns attributed to "Author Unknown" "Unknown" or "Anonymous" could have been written by many people over a span of many centuries.

Federico J. Pagura

1923 - 2016 Person Name: F. J. Pagura Hymnal Title: Cántico Nuevo Translator of "Yo Te Busqué, Señor" in Cántico Nuevo Federico José Pagura was an Argentine Methodist bishop and author and translator of hymns. Leland Bryant Ross

Louis Bourgeois

1510 - 1561 Person Name: Loys Bourgeois, h. 1510-h. 1561 Hymnal Title: Cántico Nuevo Composer of "MON DIEU, MON DIEU" in Cántico Nuevo Louis Bourgeois (b. Paris, France, c. 1510; d. Paris, 1561). In both his early and later years Bourgeois wrote French songs to entertain the rich, but in the history of church music he is known especially for his contribution to the Genevan Psalter. Apparently moving to Geneva in 1541, the same year John Calvin returned to Geneva from Strasbourg, Bourgeois served as cantor and master of the choristers at both St. Pierre and St. Gervais, which is to say he was music director there under the pastoral leadership of Calvin. Bourgeois used the choristers to teach the new psalm tunes to the congregation. The extent of Bourgeois's involvement in the Genevan Psalter is a matter of scholar­ly debate. Calvin had published several partial psalters, including one in Strasbourg in 1539 and another in Geneva in 1542, with melodies by unknown composers. In 1551 another French psalter appeared in Geneva, Eighty-three Psalms of David, with texts by Marot and de Beze, and with most of the melodies by Bourgeois, who supplied thirty­ four original tunes and thirty-six revisions of older tunes. This edition was republished repeatedly, and later Bourgeois's tunes were incorporated into the complete Genevan Psalter (1562). However, his revision of some older tunes was not uniformly appreciat­ed by those who were familiar with the original versions; he was actually imprisoned overnight for some of his musical arrangements but freed after Calvin's intervention. In addition to his contribution to the 1551 Psalter, Bourgeois produced a four-part harmonization of fifty psalms, published in Lyons (1547, enlarged 1554), and wrote a textbook on singing and sight-reading, La Droit Chemin de Musique (1550). He left Geneva in 1552 and lived in Lyons and Paris for the remainder of his life. Bert Polman


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