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From Greenland's Icy Mountains

Author: Reginald Heber Hymnal: The Hymnal and Order of Service #367 (1926) Meter: D Topics: A Missionary Service Lyrics: 1 From Greenland's icy mountain, From India's coral strand; Where Afric's sunny fountains Roll down their golden sand: From many an ancient river, From many a palmy plain, They call us to deliver Their land from error's chain. 2 What though the spicy breezes Blow soft o'er Ceylon's isle; Though ev'ry prospect pleases, And only man is vile: In vain with lavish kindness The gifts of God are strown; The heathen, in his blindness Bows down to wood and stone. 3 Shall we, whose souls are lighted With wisdom from on high, Shall we to men benighted The lamp of life deny? Salvation, O salvation! The joyful sound proclaim, Till earth's remotest nation Has learned Messiah's Name. 4 Waft, waft, ye winds, His story, And you, ye waters, roll, Till, like a sea of glory, It spreads from pole to pole; Till o'er our ransomed nature The Lamb for sinners slain, Redeemer, King, Creator, In bliss returns to reign. Amen. Languages: English Tune Title: MISSIONARY HYMN
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Go Forth, Ye Heralds, in My Name

Author: James Maxwell Hymnal: The Hymnal and Order of Service #378 (1926) Meter: Topics: A Missionary Service Lyrics: 1 Go forth, ye heralds, in My Name, Sweetly the Gospel trumpet sound; The glorious jubilee proclaim, Where'er the human race is found. 2 The joyful news to all impart, And teach them where salvation lies; With care bind up the broken heart, And wipe the tears from weeping eyes. 3 Be wise as serpents where you go, But harmless as the peaceful dove; And let your heaven-taught conduct show Ye are commissioned from above. 4 Freely from Me ye have received, Freely, in love, to others give; Thus shall your doctrines be believed, And, by your labors, sinners live. Amen. Languages: English Tune Title: WENN WIR IN HÖCHSTEN NÖTHEN SEIN
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Speed Thy Servants, Saviour, Speed Them

Author: Thomas Kelly Hymnal: The Hymnal and Order of Service #373 (1926) Meter: Topics: A Missionary Service Lyrics: 1 Speed Thy servants, Saviour, speed them, Ruler of the winds and waves, They were bound, but Thou hast freed them; Now they go to free the slaves. Be Thou with them, be Thou with them, 'Tis Thine arm alone that saves. 2 Friends, and home, and all forsaking, Lord, they go at Thy command, As their stay Thy promise taking, While they traverse sea and land: O be with them, O be with them, Lead them safely by the hand. 3 When no fruit appears to cheer them, And they seem to toil in vain, Then in mercy, Lord, draw near them, Then their sinking hopes sustain. Thus supported, Thus supported, Let their zeal revive again. 4 In the midst of opposition Let them trust, O Lord, in Thee; When success attends their mission, Let Thy servants humbler be; Never leave them, Never leave them, Till Thy face in heaven they see: Amen. Languages: English Tune Title: REGENT SQUARE
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Jerusalem, Lift Up Thy Voice!

Author: Johan Olof Wallin Hymnal: The Hymnal and Order of Service #5 (1926) Meter: Topics: A Missionary Service Lyrics: 1 Jerusalem, lift up thy voice! Daughter of Zion, now rejoice! Thy King is come, whose mighty hand Henceforth shall reign o'er ev'ry land. 2 He come to every tribe and race, A Messenger of truth and grace: With peace He comes from heaven above On earth to found His realm of love. 3 In God's eternal covenant, He comes for our salvation sent. The star of hope moves on before, And hosts assemble to adore. 4 Let all the world with one accord Now hail the coming of the Lord: Praise to the Prince of heavenly birth Who bringeth peace to all the earth! Amen. Scripture: Micah 5:2 Languages: English Tune Title: VOM HIMMEL HOCH DA KOMM ICH HER
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Jesus, Thy Church with Longing Eyes

Author: William H. Bathurst Hymnal: The Hymnal and Order of Service #9 (1926) Topics: A Missionary Service Lyrics: 1 Jesus, Thy Church with longing eyes For Thine expected coming waits: When will the promised Light arise, And glory beam from Zion's gates? 2 E'en now, when tempests round us fall, And wintry clouds o'ercast the sky, Thy words with pleasure we recall, And deem that our redemption's nigh. 3 Come, gracious Lord, our hearts renew, Our foes repel, our wrongs redress, Man's rooted enmity subdue, And crown Thy gospel with success. 4 O come, and reign o'er every land; Let Satan from his throne be hurled; Let nations bow to Thy command, Let grace revive a dying world. 5 Teach us in watchfulness and prayer To wait for the appointed hour; And fit us by Thy grace to share The triumph of Thy conquering power. Amen. Tune Title: O JESU CHRIST, MEINS LEBENS LICHT
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Arise, O God, and Shine

Author: William Hurn Hymnal: The Hymnal and Order of Service #70 (1926) Meter: Topics: A Missionary Service Lyrics: 1 Arise, O God, and shine In all Thy saving might, And prosper each design To spread Thy glorious light: Let healing streams of mercy flow, That all the earth Thy truth may know, That all the earth Thy truth may know. 2 Bring distant nations near To sing Thy glorious praise; Let ev'ry people hear And learn Thy holy ways: Reign, mighty God, assert Thy cause, And govern by Thy righteous laws, And govern by Thy righteous laws. 3 Send forth Thy glorious power, That Gentiles all may see, And earth present her store In converts born to Thee: God, our own God, His Church will bless, And fill the world with righteousness, And fill the world with righteousness. 4 To God, the only wise, The one immortal King, Let hallelujahs rise From every living thing: Let all that breathe, on every coast, Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen. Languages: English Tune Title: LENOX
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Lord of All Power and Might

Author: Hugh Stowell Hymnal: The Hymnal and Order of Service #211 (1926) Meter: Topics: A Missionary Service First Line: Lord of all pow'r and might Lyrics: 1 Lord of all pow'r and might, Father of love and light, Speed on The Word! O let the gospel sound All the wide world around, Wherever man is found! God speed His Word! 2 Lo, what embattled foes, Stern in their hate, oppose God's holy Word! One for His truth we stand, Strong in His own right hand, Firm as a martyr band:-- God shield His Word! 3 Onward shall be our course In spite of fraud and force; God is before: His Word ere long shall run Free as the noonday sun; His purpose must be done:-- God bless His Word! Amen. Languages: English Tune Title: DORT
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Saviour, Sprinkle Many Nations

Author: Arthur Cleveland Coxe Hymnal: The Hymnal and Order of Service #365 (1926) Meter: D Topics: A Missionary Service Lyrics: 1 Saviour, sprinkle many nations, Fruitful let Thy sorrows be; By Thy pains and consolations Draw the Gentiles unto Thee. Of Thy cross the wondrous story, Be it to the nations told; Let them see Thee in Thy glory, And Thy mercy manifold. 2 Far and wide, though all unknowing, Pants for Thee each mortal breast: Human tears for Thee are flowing, Human hearts in Thee would rest. Thirsting as for dews of even, As the new-mown grass for rain, Thee they seek, as God of heaven, Thee as Man, for sinners slain. 3 Saviour, lo, the isles are waiting, Stretched the hand, and strained the sight, For Thy Spirit, new-creating, Love's pure flame, and wisdom's light. Give the word, and of the preacher Speed the foot, and touch the tongue, Till on earth by every creature, Glory to the Lamb be sung. Amen. Scripture: Isaiah 52:13-15 Languages: English Tune Title: GREENVILLE
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The Morning Light Is Breaking

Author: Samuel Francis Smith Hymnal: The Hymnal and Order of Service #366 (1926) Meter: D Topics: A Missionary Service Lyrics: 1 The morning light is breaking; The darkness disappears; The sons of earth are waking To penitential tears; Each breeze that sweeps the ocean Brings tidings from afar, Of nations in commotion, Prepared for Zion's war. 2 See heathen nations bending Before the God we love, And thousand hearts ascending In gratitude above; While sinners, now confessing, The gospel call obey, And seek the Saviour's blessing, A nation in a day. 3 Blest river of salvation, Pursue thine onward way; Flow thou to every nation, Nor in thy richness stay; Stay not till all the lowly Triumphant reach their home: Stay not till all the holy Proclaim, "The Lord is come!" Amen. Languages: English Tune Title: WEBB
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Lord of the Harvest, Hear

Author: Charles Wesley Hymnal: The Hymnal and Order of Service #369 (1926) Meter: Topics: A Missionary Service Lyrics: 1 Lord of the harvest, hear Thy needy servants' cry; O grant our trusting, fervent prayer, And all our wants supply. 2 On Thee we humbly wait, Our wants are in Thy view; The harvest, Lord, is truly great, The laborers are few. 3 Anoint and send forth more Into Thy Church abroad, And let them speak Thy Word of power, As workers with their God. 4 O let them spread Thy Name, Their mission fully prove; Thy universal grace proclaim, Thine all-redeeming love. Amen. Scripture: Matthew 9:38 Languages: English Tune Title: SCHUMANN


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