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Confident Access to God

Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Topics: Access to God; House of God Longed for and Loved; Love For God; Providence of God Over Saints; Trust in God Blessedness of; God Holiness of; Christ Love to; Godly Fear Described; God Attributes of; God Hearer of Prayer First Line: In the fullness of thy grace Lyrics: 1 In the fulness of Thy grace To Thy house I will repair; Bowing tow'rd thy holy place, In Thy fear to worship there. Lead me in thy righteousness, Let my foes assail in vain; Lest my feet be turned aside, Make Thy way before me plain. 2 False and faithless are my foes, In their mouth no truth is found; Deadly are the words they speak, All their tho'ts with sin abound. Bring, O God, their plans to nought, Hold them guilty in thy sight, For against Thee and thy law They have set themselves to fight. 3 O let all that trust Thy care Ever glad and joyful be; Let them joy who love Thy Name, Safely guarded, Lord, by Thee. For a blessing from Thy store To the righteous Thou wilt yield; Thou wilt compass him about With Thy favor as a shield. Scripture: Psalm 5 Used With Tune: MARTYN

The Fearlessness of Faith

Appears in 12 hymnals Topics: Love For God; House of God Longed for and Loved; God Source of All Good; God Our Refuge; God Our Guardian; Worship Delightful to Saints; Strength in God; Providence of God Over Saints; Protection Only from God; Blessedness Of Those Abiding in God's House; Access to God First Line: Jehovah is my light Lyrics: 1 Jehovah is my light, And my salvation near; Who shall my soul affright, Or cause my heart to fear? While God my strength, my life sustains, Secure from fear my soul remains. 2 When evil-doers came To make my life their prey, They stumbled in their shame And fell in sore dismay; Thought hosts make war on every side, Still fearless I in God confide. 3 My one request has been, And still this prayer I raise, That I may dwell within God's house through all my days, Jehovah's beauty to admire, And in His temple to inquire. 4 When troubles round me swell, When fears and dangers throng, Securely I will dwell In His pavilion strong; within the covert of His tent He hides me till the storm is spent. 5 Uplifted on a rock Above my foes around, Amid the battle shock My song shall still resound; Then joyful offerings I will bring, Jehovah's praise my heart shall sing. Scripture: Psalm 27 Used With Tune: MILLENNIUM

The Confidence of Faith

Appears in 5 hymnals Topics: Worship Delightful to Saints; Mercy of God Prayer for; Love For God; Waiting upon God ; Strength in God; Seeking God; Providence of God Over Saints; Protection Only from God; God Source of All Good; God Our Refuge; God Our Guardian; God Fatherhood of; Access to God First Line: The Lord Almighty is my light Lyrics: 1 The Lord Almighty is my light, He is my Saviour ever near, And, since my strength is in His might Who can distress me or affright? What evil shall I fear? 2 O Lord, regard me when I cry, In mercy hear me when I speak; Thou bidst me seek Thy face, and I, O Lord, with willing heart reply, Thy face, Lord, will I seek. 3 Hide not Thy face afar from me, For Thou a lone canst help afford; O cast me not away from Thee Nor let my soul forsaken be, My Saviour and my Lord. 4 Though earthly friends no pity take, Yet Thy compassion knows no end; E'en tho' my father shall forsake, E'en tho' my mother's love shall break, The Lord will be my friend. 5 My heart had failed in fear and woe Unless in God I had believed, Assured that He would mercy show And that my life His grace should know, Nor was my hope deceived. 6 Fear not, though succor be delayed, Still wait for God, and He will hear; Be strong, nor be thy heart dismayed, Wait, and the Lord shall bring thee aid, Yea, trust and never fear. Scripture: Psalm 27 Used With Tune: ST. MARGARET

Behold the Man

Author: Rev. Charles Wesley (1707-1788) Appears in 793 hymnals Topics: Access to God; God Reconciled First Line: Arise, my soul, arise, shake off Scripture: Hebrews 10:19-22 Used With Tune: LENOX

Our heavenly Father calls

Appears in 157 hymnals Topics: Access to God; Communion of Christians With God Scripture: 1 John 1:3 Used With Tune: SHIRLAND

Thanksgiving and Praise

Meter: Appears in 604 hymnals Topics: Access to God; Joy Exhortations to; Mercy of God Everlasting; Praise Calls to; God Sovereignty of ; God Adored and Exalted; God Creator of All; God Glorious; God Goodness of; God Love and Mercy; God Source of All Good; Worship Call to First Line: All people that on earth do dwell Lyrics: 1 All people that on earth do dwell, Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice. Him serve with mirth, His praise forth tell, Come ye before Him and rejoice. 2 Know that the Lord is God indeed; Without our aid He did us make: We are His flock, He doth us feed, And for His sheep He doth us take. 3 O enter then His gates with praise, Within His courts His praise proclaim; Let thankful songs your tongues employ, O bless and magnify His Name. 4 Because the Lord our God is good, His mercy is forever sure; His truth at all times firmly stood, And shall from age to age endure. Scripture: Psalm 100 Used With Tune: OLD HUNDREDTH

Come and Welcome

Author: Haweis Appears in 265 hymnals Topics: Access to God First Line: From the cross uplifted high Used With Tune: SPANISH HYMN

The Gates opened

Author: Isaac Watts (1674-1748) Meter: Appears in 193 hymnals Topics: Access to God; Praise To Christ First Line: Come, let us lift our joyful eyes Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:19 Used With Tune: HOWARD

The old, old Story

Author: Anon. Appears in 436 hymnals Topics: Access to God; God Compassion First Line: Tell me the old, old story Scripture: John 3:16 Used With Tune: OLD, OLD STORY

Thy face will I seek

Author: Hartsough Appears in 590 hymnals Topics: Access to God; Faith Gift of God First Line: I hear thy welcome voice Refrain First Line: I am coming, Lord Used With Tune: I AM COMING


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