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Lord's Day; or, Delight in Ordinances

Hymnal: Doctor Watts's Imitation of the Psalms of David #H.XXXIV (1785) First Line: Welcome, sweet day of rest Lyrics: 1 Welcome, sweet day of rest, Which saw the Lord arise; Welcome, to this reviving breast, And these rejoicing eyes! 2 The King himself comes near, And feasts his saints to-day; Here may we sit, and see him here, And love, and praise, and pray. 3 One day amidst the place Where heavenly glories shine Is sweeter than ten thousand days In all the joys of sin. 4 My willing soul would stay In such a frame as this, And sit, and sing herself away To everlasting bliss.

With reverence and holy fear

Hymnal: Church Hymn Book . 3rd ed. #d637 (1850)
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Invoking the Spirit

Author: Hart Hymnal: A Selection of Psalms and Hymns #XXII (1790) Topics: At the Opening of Public Worship First Line: Come, HOLY SPIRIT, come Lyrics: 1 Come, HOLY SPIRIT, come, Let thy bright beams arise; Dispel the darkness from our minds, And open all our eyes. 2 Chear our desponding hearts, Thou hav'nly Paraclete, Give us to lie, with humble hope, At our Redeemer's feet. 3 Revive our drooping faith, Our doubts and fears remove; And kindle in our breasts the flames Of never dying love. 4 Convince us of our sin, Then lead to JESUS' blood; And to our wond'ring view reveal The secret love of GOD. 5 Shew us that loving Man, That rules the courts of bliss, The Lord of hosts the mighty God, The eternal Prince of Peace: Languages: English
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Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear My voice ascending high

Author: Isaac Watts, 1674-1748 Hymnal: Psalms Carefully Suited to the Christian Worship in the United States of America #5 (1793)
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Exhortation to Praise

Hymnal: A Selection of Psalms and Hymns #XXIV (1790) Topics: At the Opening of Public Worship First Line: Come, sound his praise abroad Lyrics: 1 Come, sound his praise abroad, And hymns of glory sing; Jehovah is the sov'reign God, The universal King. 2 He form'd the deeps unknown; He gave the seas their bound; The wat'ry worlds are all his own: And all the solid ground. 3 Come, worship at his throne, Come, bow before the Lord; We are his works, and not our own: He form'd us by his word. 4 But if your ears refuse The language of his grace, And heart grown hard, like stubborn Jews That unbelieving race; 6 The Lord in vengeance drest Will lift his hand, and swear, You that despise my promis'd rest, Shall have no portion there. Scripture: Psalm 95 Languages: English

We'll sing glad praise

Author: B. B. Edmiaston Hymnal: Thankful Hearts #d132 (1935) First Line: The praise of the Savior singing
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Exhorting to worship

Hymnal: A Selection of Psalms and Hymns #XIX (1790) Topics: At the Opening of Public Worship First Line: Before JEHOVAH's awful throne Lyrics: 1 Before JEHOVAH's awful throne, Ye nations, bow with sacred joy; Know that the Lord is God alone; He can create and he destroy. 2 His sov'reign pow'r without our aid, Made us of clay, and form'd us men And when like wand'ring sheep we stray'd, He brought us to his fold again. 3 We'll croud thy gates with thankful songs High as the heav'ns our voices raise; And earth, with her ten thousand tongues Shall fill thy courts with sounding praise. 4 Wide as the world is thy command; Vast as eternity thy love; Firm as a rock thy truth must stand, When rolling years shall cease to move. Languages: English
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Invitation of Christ

Author: Dr. Watts Hymnal: A Selection of Psalms and Hymns #XVII (1790) Topics: At the Opening of Public Worship First Line: Come hither, all ye weary souls Lyrics: 1 "Come hither, all ye weary souls "Ye heavy laden sinners come; "I'll give you rest from all your toils, "And raise you to my heav'nly home. 2 "They shall find rest that learn of me: "I'm of a meek and lowly mind; "But passion rages like the sea, "And pride is restless as the wind. 3 "Bless'd is the man whose shoulders take "My yoke, and bear it with delight; "My yoke is easy to the neck, "My grace shall make the burden light." 4 JESUS, we come at thy command; With faith and hope, and humble zeal Resign our spirits to thy hand, To mould and guide us by thy will. Languages: English
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Set the bells to ringing

Author: Johnson Oatman Hymnal: Light in the Valley #214 (1898) First Line: Once more we assemble

Springtime prayer

Author: N. E. McFarland Hymnal: The Children's Choir No.2 #d15 (1960) First Line: Springtime's lovely days are here Refrain First Line: Father God, we thank thee


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