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Liberality; or, the duty and pleasures of benevolence

Hymnal: A Selection of Hymns #CCXLVI (1792) Meter: Topics: Benevolence a duty and pleasure First Line: O what stupendous mercy shines Lyrics: 1 O what stupendous mercy shines Around the majesty of heaven! Rebels he deigns to call his sons, Their souls renew'd their sins forgiven. 2 Go, imitate the grace divine, The grace that blazes like a sun; Hold forth your fair, tho' feeble light, Thro' all your lives let mercy run: 3 Upon your bounty's willing wings Swift let the great salvation fly; The hungry feed, the naked clothe, To pain and sickness help apply. 4 Pity the weeping widow's woe, And be her counsellor and stay; Adopt the fatherless, and smooth The useful, happy life his way. 5 Let age with want and weakness bow'd, Your bowels of compassion move; Let e'en your enemies be blest, Their hatred recompens'd with love. 6 When all is done, renounce your deeds, Renounce self-righteousness with scorn; Thus will you glorify your God, And thus the christian name adorn. Languages: English
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The blessedness of benevolence

Author: Barbauld Hymnal: Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs #70 (1875) Topics: Benevolence First Line: Blest is the man, whose softening heart Scripture: Psalm 41
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Lord, Thou lov'st the cheerful giver

Author: Robert Murray, 1832-1910 Hymnal: Methodist Hymn and Tune Book #645 (1917) Topics: Benevolence Lyrics: 1 Lord, Thou lov'st the cheerful giver, Who with open heart and hand Blesses freely, as a river That refreshes all the land. Grant us then the grace of giving With a spirit large and free, That our life and all our giving We may consecrate to Thee. 2 We are Thine, Thy mercy sought us, Found us in death's dreadful way, To the fold in safety brought us, Never more from Thee to stray. Thine own life Thou freely gavest As an offering on the cross For each sinner whom Thou savest From eternal shame and loss. 3 Blest by Thee with gifts and graces, May we heed Thy Church's call; Gladly in all times and places Give to Thee who givest all. Thou hast bought us, and no longer Can we claim to be our own; Ever free and ever stronger, We shall serve Thee, Lord, alone. 4 Saviour, Thou hast freely given All the blessings we enjoy, Earthly store and bread of heaven, Love and peace without alloy; Humbly now we bow before Thee, And our all to Thee resign; For the kingdom, power, and glory, Are, O Lord, for ever Thine. Languages: English Tune Title: BENEVOLENCE
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Psalm 65

Author: Henry F. Lyte Hymnal: Laudes Domini #20 (1890) Topics: God Benevolence; God Benevolence First Line: Praise, Lord, for thee in Zion waits Lyrics: 1 Praise, Lord, for thee in Zion waits; Prayer shall besiege thy temple gates; All flesh shall to thy throne repair, And find, through Christ, salvation there. 2 How blest thy saints! how safely led! How surely kept! how richly fed! Saviour of all in earth and sea, How happy they who rest in thee! 3 Thy hand sets fast the mighty hills, Thy voice the troubled ocean stills; Evening and morning hymn thy praise, And earth thy bounty wide displays. 4 The year is with thy goodness crowned; Thy clouds drop wealth the world around; Through thee the deserts laugh and sing, And nature smiles and owns her King. 5 Lord, on our souls thy Spirit pour; The moral waste within restore; Oh, let thy love our spring-tide be, And make us all bear fruit to thee. Languages: English Tune Title: SESSIONS
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Nature's King

Author: Josiah Conder Hymnal: Laudes Domini #64 (1890) Topics: God Benevolence; God Benevolence First Line: O give thanks to Him who made Lyrics: 1 Oh, give thanks to him who made Morning light and evening shade; Source and giver of all good, Nightly sleep and daily food; Quickener of our wearied powers; Guard of our unconscious hours. 2 Oh, give thanks to nature's King, Who made every breathing thing: His, our warm and sentient frame, His, the mind's immortal flame. Oh, how close the ties that bind Spirits to the Eternal Mind! 3 Oh, give thanks with heart and lip, For we are his workmanship; And all creatures are his care: Not a bird that cleaves the air Falls unnoticed; but who can Speak the Father's love to man? 4 Oh, give thanks to him who came In a mortal, suffering frame Temple of the Deity Came, for rebel man to die; In the path himself hath trod, Leading back his saints to God. Languages: English
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"Perpetual blessings"

Author: Isaac Watts Hymnal: Laudes Domini #69 (1890) Topics: God Benevolence; God Benevolence First Line: My God, how endless is thy love! Lyrics: 1 My God, how endless is thy love! Thy gifts are every evening new; And morning mercies, from above, Gently distill, like early dew. 2 Thou spread'st the curtains of the night, Great Guardian of my sleeping hours; Thy sovereign word restores the light, And quickens all my drowsy powers. 3 I yield my powers to thy command; To thee I consecrate my days; Perpetual blessings from thy hand Demand perpetual songs of praise. Languages: English Tune Title: GRATITUDE
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He careth

Author: Philip Doddridge Hymnal: Laudes Domini #73 (1890) Topics: God Benevolence; God Benevolence First Line: How gentle God's commands! Lyrics: 1 How gentle God's commands! How kind his precepts are! Come, cast your burdens on the Lord, And trust his constant care. 2 Beneath his watchful eye His saints securely dwell; That hand which bears creation up Shall guard his children well. 3 Why should this anxious load Press down your weary mind? Haste to your heavenly Father's throne, And sweet refreshment find. 4 His goodness stands approved, Unchanged from day to day: I'll drop my burden at his feet, And bear a song away. Languages: English Tune Title: DENNIS
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Author: Folliett S. Pierpoint Hymnal: Laudes Domini #429 (1890) Topics: God Benevolence; God Benevolence First Line: For the beauty of the earth Lyrics: 1 For the beauty of the earth, For the glory of the skies, For the love which from our birth Over and around us lies: Lord of all, to thee we raise This our grateful psalm of praise. 2 For the joy of human love, Brother, sister, parent, child; Friends on earth, and friends above, Pleasures pure and undefiled; Lord of all, to thee we raise This our grateful psalm of praise. 3 For thy church that evermore Lifts her holy hands above, Offering up on every shore Her pure sacrifice of love; Lord of all, to thee we raise This our grateful psalm of praise. Languages: English Tune Title: HALLE
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In the morning sow thy seed

Hymnal: Hymns for Christian Devotion #1003 (1871) Topics: Active Benevolence; Benevolence, active Languages: English
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Our Example

Author: Steele Hymnal: A Selection of Hymns #CLXVI (1792) Meter: Topics: Benevolence a duty and pleasure First Line: And is the gospel peace and love? Lyrics: 1 And is the gospel, peace and love? Such let our conversation be: The serpent blended with the dove, Wisdom and meek simplicity. 2 Whene'er the angry passions rise, And tempt our thoughts or tongues to strife, To Jesus let us lift our eyes, Bright pattern of the Christian life! 3 O how benevolent and kind! How mild! how ready to forgive! Be this the temper of our mind, And these the rules by which we live. 4 To do his heavenly Father's will, Was his employment and delight; Humility and holy zeal Shone thro' his life divinely bright! 5 Dispensing good where'er he came, The labors of his life were love; O, if we love the Savior's name, Let his divine example move. 6 But ah how blind! how weak we are! How frail! how apt to turn aside! Lord, we depend upon thy care, And ask thy spirit for our guide. 7 Thy fair example may we trace, To teach us what we ought to be; Make us by thy transforming grace, Dear Savior, daily more like thee. Languages: English


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