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Incentives to Praise

Hymnal: The Psalter #373 (1912) Topics: Christ Worshiped; Praise Calls to; Royalty of Christ Nations Subject to; Worship Call to ; Worship Delightful to Saints; Worship Only as God Appoints First Line: O praise ye the Name of Jehovah Lyrics: 1 O praise ye the name of Jehovah, Proclaim ye His glory abroad; O praise Him, ye servants appointed To stand in the house of our God. 2 O praise ye the Lord for His goodness; 'Tis pleasant His praises to sing; His people, His chosen and precious, Your praises with gratitude bring. 3 I know that the Lord is almighty, Supreme is dominion is He, Performing His will and good pleasure In heav'n and in earth and the sea. 4 His hand guides the clouds in their courses, The lightning flames forth at His will, The wind and the rain he releases His sov'reign designs to fulfill. 5 To ransom His people from bondage Great wonders and signs He displayed; He smote all the firstborn of Egypt, Till Pharaoh made haste and obeyed. 6 Great nations and kings that opposed Him Were smitten by God's mighty hand; Their riches He gave to His people, And made them inherit the land. 7 Thy Name shall abide, O Jehovah, Through all generations renowned; The Lord is the judge of His people, His mercies forever abound. 8 Men's idols of gold and of silver Can speak not, nor hearken, nor see; Like them shall their makers be helpless, Unblest shall their worshipers be. 9 Ye people who worship Jehovah, His praises with gladness proclaim; His servants, and all ye that fear Him, Sing praise to His glorious Name. 10 O Church of our God, sing His praises, For with you and in you He dwells; O sing Hallelujahs before Him, Whose glory all praises excels. Scripture: Psalm 135 Languages: English Tune Title: HARVEST-TIDE

Let Us Come to Worship God

Author: I-to Loh, b. 1936 Hymnal: Psalms for All Seasons #100E (2012) Topics: Disciples / Calling; Elements of Worship Baptism; Elements of Worship Call to Worship; Elements of Worship Gathering; Elements of Worship Praise and Adoration; Worship First Line: Lán tiόh kèng pài Chú Siōngtè (Let us come to worship God) Scripture: Psalm 100 Languages: Taiwanese; English Tune Title: HA-A-O-HO-I-AN

We Come to Worship in Praise of Our Maker

Author: Mary Jackson Cathey Hymnal: New Hymns of Hope #216 Meter: Irregular Topics: Call to Worship Lyrics: We come to worship in praise of our Maker with thanks for all blessings bestowed by God's grace. The faith which is nurtured in each generation now brings us together in this sacred place. The words of Scripture have giv'n the message which leads us to do what we say we believe, lending strength for challenges waiting before us we search for the light God would have us receive. Give thanks for lessons our ancestors taught us who modeled the virtues of courage and care, who were loyally steadfast to country and loved ones, who gave us the heart and the vision to share. Let us live our days asking for God's guidance that shows us the purpose which God has conceived, finding strength for days of the journey before us and mindful of blessings that we have received. For love of life and their own priceless freedom, for strong, sturdy souls who were willing to die, for the triune God and beliefs that sustained them when faced with hard choices to stand firm and try. In the long tradition that framed and shaped them with family and faith still directing their ways, we now go forward to live, work, and worship, to glorify God through the rest of our days. Go out rejoicing for gifts of the Spirit, as varied as kilts of our heritage signs. The fire of kindred still burning within us holds fast as the weaves in our family designs. We abide with God who will not desert us, whose care and protection and guidance is ours. Follow faithfully in the path God has chosen to live all our days as the Spirit empowers. Scripture: Deuteronomy 6:4-7 Languages: English Tune Title: CANDLER

Invitation to worship

Author: William Kethe Hymnal: Hymnal of the Methodist Episcopal Church #11 (1891) Meter: Topics: Praise To God; Praise To the Creator; Worship Calls to; Worship universal First Line: All people that on earth do dwell Scripture: Psalm 100

Our Help

Author: Paul Thé Hymnal: Psalms for All Seasons #124B (2012) Topics: Elements of Worship Call to Worship First Line: Our help is in the name of the Lord Scripture: Psalm 124 Languages: English Tune Title: [Our help is in the name of the Lord]

Come, sound His praise abroad

Author: Dr. Isaac Watts, 1674-1748 Hymnal: Methodist Hymn and Tune Book #19 (1917) Topics: Call To Worship; Call To Worship; Worship Call to ; Praise To God Lyrics: 1. Come, sound His praise abroad, And hymns of glory sing; Jehovah is the sovereign God, The universal King. 2. He formed the deeps unknown; He gave the seas their bound; The watery worlds are all His own, And all the solid ground. 3. Come, worship at His throne; Come, bow before the Lord; We are His works, and not our own; He formed us by His word. 4. To-day attend His voice, Nor dare provoke His rod; Come, as the people of His choice, And own your gracious God. Tune Title: SILVER STREET

Come with All Joy to Sing to God

Author: Christopher Idle Hymnal: Psalms for All Seasons #95H (2012) Meter: Topics: Disciples / Calling; Elements of Worship Call to Worship; Elements of Worship Gathering; Elements of Worship Praise and Adoration; Elements of Worship Prayer for Illumination; God Obedience to; Worship Lyrics: 1 Come with all joy to sing to God our saving rock, the living Lord; in glad thanksgiving seek his face with songs of victory and grace. 2 In holiness and light arrayed above all gods that we have made, he is the one almighty King, and his the glory that we sing. 3 The earth is his from east to west, from ocean floor to mountain crest; he made the sea and formed the lands, he shaped the islands by his hands. 4 Come near to worship! Come with faith, bow down to God who gives us breath: God is our shepherd, God alone; we are his people, all his own. 5 But if you hear his voice today do not reject what he will say; when Israel wandered from God's path they suffered forty years of wrath. 6 That generation went astray; they did not want to know his way: they put their Saviour to the test, and saw his power, but lost their rest. Scripture: Psalm 95 Tune Title: GERMANY

With Shouts of Joy Come Praise the LORD

Author: Emily R. Brink, b. 1940 Hymnal: Psalms for All Seasons #100D (2012) Topics: Disciples / Calling; Elements of Worship Baptism; Elements of Worship Call to Worship; Elements of Worship Gathering; Elements of Worship Praise and Adoration; Worship First Line: Ae sab Zamiinde loko (With shouts of joy, come praise the LORD) Scripture: Psalm 100 Languages: Punjabi Tune Title: KHUSHI RAHO

O Worship the Lord

Hymnal: The Hymnal for Worship and Celebration #593 (1986) Meter: Irregular Topics: Calls to Worship Choral; Opening of Service Calls to Worship; Worship First Line: O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness Lyrics: O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness; Serve Him with gladness, all the earth. Amen. Scripture: Psalm 96:9 Tune Title: McCUTCHAN

Now to the King of Heaven

Author: Isaac Watts; Philip Doddridge Hymnal: The Hymnal for Worship and Celebration #595 (1986) Meter: Topics: Calls to Worship Choral; Opening of Service Calls to Worship First Line: Now to the King of heav'n Lyrics: Now to the King of heav'n Your cheerful voices raise; To Him be glory giv'n, Pow'r, majesty and praise; Wide as He reigns His name be sung By every tongue in endless strains. Amen. Tune Title: ST. JOHN


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